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apparently we never had a topic for them?  yeah, the ABC show sucked, but Kirby made some great characters - go read the trades by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee, and also Ellis' Karnak book (it's early, but Kibblesmith's Lockjaw is fun too).  it's possible they piqued at Kamala.  


so now this:


Marvel Announces "Death of the Inhumans"



is this to make room to bring mutants back to the forefront?  clearly, the idea to fill their gap with the inhumans didn't pan out.  really hoping we don't lose too much of the royal family here.


oh yeah, Saladin Ahmed's current Black Bolt book has been trippy and fantastic, check that one out too!

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Yeah, it looks like the fact AOS is in its final season and the TV show bombing gave the editorial all the motive they needed to make the playing field less crowded. I'm sure the major players won't stay outta rotation for more than a few years, if even that. Is the Warren Ellis Karnak series still going? I was on board with that for the first few issues but trailed off.


Also, that spoiler is fake news. I refuse to believe it.



Did anyone even read that recent miniseries of his?

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i did, kibblemsith had a good time with it.  lockjaw fans should definitely hit it up.


ellis' karnak was a good read too, but true to form, it was basically a mini.  ahmed's recent black bolt series was the sleeper hit that more folks should read! 

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this book feels a little like a victim of the medium


again, i get that the x-men are finally coming back & an upcoming event of theirs looks (from the ad) to finally tie up their dumb continuity with the younger team and maybe make that book interesting again.  i imagine this even will likely wipe out the inhuman boom and possibly revert to tjr old status quo of mutants everywhere...and I'm not even particularly mad at that; kamala aside, they didn't do much interesting with them during their time on top (compared to Morrison's mutant town, district x etc) 


but we're 2 issues deep and the bodies of important characters are piling high in such a way that you're halfway waiting for it to tie up & see which reset button is hit for most of them. which sucks cause cates is trying here but i love some of these guys and don't rightly care if its m'krann crystals, infinity gem, time machine or skrulls or whatever - i just don't want them forgotten for a while again 

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