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I’m realizing now I don’t like period pieces even if they’re animated. It’s a shame because I love Abbi Jacobson (from Broad City) who does the main gal’s voice. I’d love to support her but the trailer just did nothing for me. ?

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I'm interested to give it a go. If its half as good as original simpsons or Futurama, I'm sure it'll at least be good.


I love both Abbi Jacobson and Eric Andre, so on that alone, I'm happy to watch.


I also think it has some voice work from some of the Mighty Boosh people also, which is another plus for me.

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16 hours ago, JayneLane said:

@FireDownBelow for sure. I like that they can take risks with the streaming format. Lots of stand up specials and other shows I would've never seen in the cable format, in addition to the original content. Between Netflix and Hulu I don't really feel like I missing out on much!


You know, I completely forgot about the stand up specials. So many. Most of them are really good too. I've had more fun with the standup specials than some of the shows too. Iliza Schlesinger has a new one. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. It doesn't top her 'party goblin' bit but it's still really good

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The more I'm watching the more flat and almost one note most of it feels. Its a real shame given the wealth of talent that is voicing it all. I do think there's potential though to turn it around if there's actual character development and some non-farcical situations thrown at it should a second season be ordered for it.


I'm finding the character animation really good, but some of the backgrounds/set pieces to be a bit clunky. I'm also loving the music for it.

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