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Adamms Family Animated Movie

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Adamms Family Animated Movie (Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron to star)


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Sweet!  I love that they're hearkening back to Mr. Addams' original artwork...





Voice cast?  Eh...



I honestly couldn't care less.  Not really any distinct voices...that jump out as a match for any particular personalities...just...celebrity names, to me - same w/ the Ducktales voice cast.  I'll be judging on performance - which, I'm sure will be alright...they're not really doing impressions - nothing really iconic they're gonna be pressed against: these are gonna be their own...just hopin' it has solid direction.


I'm freakin' pumped for this!  I'm in the 'I'm glad it's animated' camp.  I hope it has a live-action aesthetic...like the Lego Movies and Peanuts.  That promo pic has got sum sort of 2D photoshop uncanny valley thing goin' on...I already bought this on blu, tho.


I got the whole live-action 60s series on DVD - I love that series hard.  Big Addams Family fan - not so much the 90s tv one...you people are weird.  Maybe I need to revisit it - but, I'm sure you guys are incorrect.  Man, now I want the old Hanna-Barbera 60s toon series...pretty sure it's available on DVD...think it's a print-on-demand thing.


(Does quick google search)




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Definitely watching this! I love love LOVE the Addamses and welcome a new version after all this time. Not 100% sold on Charlize's Morticia voice yet but Oscar Isaac's Gomez sounds so much like Raul Julia (esp that laugh!), it makes me sad but also really happy. I LOVE Wednesday's noose braids. So happy to see Lurch and Thing too! I really hope this is awesome!


I'm here for all of it. @The NZA, opening night? It comes out for Halloween!! I'll wear my Wednesday dress!

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preface: hondo's is one of the only places ive seen on the net that enjoyed the last ghostbuster film.  generally speaking, i know i can sometimes be an outlier on franchise revivals & expectations


with practically no reviews up until about yesterday - and RT was about 42% earlier - maybe this benefit from lowered expectations, but it doesn't feel like it?  because this was fantastic, and so much better than i went in expecting. 


revivals are always stuck between the notion of doing something different, but not too different; pay homage, but don't wink-wink-nudge-nudge all over the place to make up for your lackluster attempt, or folks just pine for earlier versions.  it's a fine enough line that i almost feel bad for the writers of some of these - but this one really had the feel down, and still managed to tell its own story.


there's origin stuff here (in a short and rather enjoyable way), while the characters still carry more the feel of the 90s films than the 60s show, even though nemo pointed out the design throwbacks, which is cool too.  gomez channels raul julia (RIP), morticia gets more screentime, the wednesday/pugsly murder adventures aren't overplayed (weds again steals the show), and again, the goofy plot - slightly reminiscent of elvira: mistress of the dark - manages to slide in some tributes/spins on old routines while doing its own thing..there's definitely more of the Family Values DNA here though, i thought. 


like, i get some folks are tired of reboots/etc, but this has been done several times now for the adasmes, and all the macabre shit i love was here.  i'm looking at reviews, and its like...if you wanted more/new adams family shit, i just can't see not having a good time with this one.  pixar's its-for-kids-but-adults-will-enjoy-it-too was all over the half dozen or so trailers of what looked like largely uninteresting animated movies, but that formula shined here, and by people who felt like they really got the point of it.  even with the punnery, i had such a good time that it was damn near 2 hours and almost felt a little short.  i really hope we get more here.

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You forgot to mention that we dressed up like Wednesday and Pugsley for the premiere cuz we’re huge nerds! 🖤 


I was very nervous about this because when studios slap a critics embargo on a movie, it’s usually because they don’t want early negative reviews to stop people from buying tickets. I was certain this was going to be awful but I HAD to see it because it’s my favorite franchise of all time. I was so worried they wouldn’t make the family dark enough, they wouldn’t highlight Gomez and Morticia’s beautifully unconventional marriage, they wouldn’t make Wednesday murderous enough. 


But it didn’t let me down AT ALL. Not a perfect movie, but I honestly loved every second and didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait to own this one!


Edited to add: If I ever get a chance to meet Oscar Isaac, I’d love to shake that man’s hand. He has impossibly huge shoes to fill, taking on Gomez after the incomparable Raúl Juliá. I couldn’t have imagined anyone doing that role justice. But he fucking NAILED. IT.  

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