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Harlan Ellison has died

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Harlan Ellison, Award-Winning Speculative Fiction And TV Writer, Dead At 84


This is another one that hurts. One of the Greatest Sci-fi writers ever... it's hard to say anything about the guy without selling him short. He seemed to be everywhere, worked with everyone and had his fingers in everything. A man of immense vision and a massive pain in the ass. "Contentious" doesn't even come close, to hear even his admirers describe him, but many, including myself, still found him endearing. Beloved for his work, There was lot. It seemed that at every pivotal moment in the development of the scifi/fantasy genre he was there and now that he's gone, the future doesn't seem as full as it should be.

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You should really check out A Boy and His Dog, it's a great rumination on gender politics in a post-apocalyptic world (fair warning: it's pretty ugly, it's been called really misogynist because it's about misogyny in a world without any sort of rules and the narrative portrays this as neutral to really let thw horror set in, the main character is a rapist and even though you're not supposed to root for him many people have assumed that you are) and the actual complete book (A Boy and His Dog was part of a larger novel called Blood's a Rover that had been incomplete for decades and it offically released yesterday.

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