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Who Is America?

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"anti-tragedy agenda", wooof 


cohen hasn't lost anything, and the cringing/painful bits even in this first ep feel (at times) harder than some of the old ali g/borat/bruno segments. 


no one is left unscathed here. i stopped looking up who he managed to wrangle in this season because hoo boy, people are saying reckless shit here. this really is the perfect season to pull this fuckery.

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oh my god, episode 2 is incredible...some big guest stars, but wowwww @ the shit they get rep james spencer to say, and pretty comfortably despite what he's saying today 


this show is on another level 


*edit yeah axels.video.covers it 


*double edit adopt a child soldier program video im losing my shit

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I've only caught Ep 1, but holy fuck, this is Larry David level of awkward hilarity.


The bit that broke me with laughter was when they got the Florida Senator to say "Do you honestly expect me to say I want to arm children on camera?" then about fifteen other republican senators all endorsed it. Actual comedy gold.

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yeah, it's taken me a few sittings over several days to get though ep 3, the cringing is really high

the uber-liberal guy just makes folks uncomfortable (it's pretty bad at times) but the shit the isreali dude gets people to do is just incredible 

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Yeah this sounds weird coming from me,  but the lecturer just comes across like an SJW straw man. Hollow chariciture, even. 


I wanna see more of his Bronson & Alex Jones characters though. 


And I actually thought Erran Morrad was Lebanese but you're probably right. 



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59 minutes ago, Da Cap'n 2099 said:

This spoils who's on the finale so don't watch if you don't wanna know. Although, if you wanna get hyped and have your jaw drop from the reveal joke (which I'm sure won't be on the show), watch.




Hooooly shit. I haven’t watched this season but I might watch that!

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