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Netflix Reboots She-Ra




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I mean Masters of the Universe lore wise (which i'm sure 90% of people don't care about) - she's got one heck of a bad ass villain in Hordak. People seem to have mixed reactions to the animation style - but who the fuck cares if it's any good. 


I think this is an excellent time to re-introduce the character to the world. 

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I can actually spend my mornings w/ sum She-Ra on - but, this lacks sumthing.  Grit?  I think it is the art style...feels a little too 'gumdrop'?


It already being a 'complete thing' on Netflix and not a series I'd have to catch at the right hour on cable (which I don't have) - works in it's favor.  I'd click the thumbnail and give it a shot.  Hopefully the first episode will make me want to watch another...and not make me feel old and out of touch.


...I keep tellin' em, I keep tellin' em...they're doing it wrong...



He-Man's return is inevitable at this point.



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