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Rugrats Revival (Animated Series and CG Movie) in the Works


The media conglomerate announced Tuesday that it is reviving the children's television series for a 26-episode greenlight at cable network Nickelodeon and greenlighting a new live-action feature film featuring CGI characters for Paramount Players.

The TV series and movie will include new adventures with original characters Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and Angelica while also introducing a new world of characters



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I showed this to Til recently while Alana and I enjoyed the nostalgia factor. It was pretty inclusive and wide-reaching for it's time but maddening to watch as an actual caregiver nonetheless.


I predict the reboot is going to curl it's metaphorical spine to be extry-inclusive and all our nostalgias will be taken behind the bike shed.


 I'm not saying inclusiveness is bad or ruins things, just that applying today's sensibilities to any 90's property is a recipe for disaster.

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I feel so left out, never having had cable TV as a kid. I missed all the Nickelodeon shows (Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocco's Modern Life, Clarissa Explains it All, Are you Afraid of the Dark, etc.). I didn't get cable until I paid for it myself in my 20s. It seemed like these shows were something you had to get into as a kid to really appreciate. There's a lot of nostalgia there, I'm sure. It's just not the same starting as a young adult (although I have to say Ren & Stimpy feels pretty timeless). 




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Yeah I feel like Nickelodeon was as 90s as it got. Those were the staples you mentioned, but then you had even weirder shit like The Secret World of Alex Mack about a girl who had T-1000 powers, those slime game shows (what the fuck was with all the slime back then?), and Kablaam. 


I miss Kablaam. It had some genuinely hilarious shit on there.

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15 hours ago, The NZA said:

agreed but none of that felt as weird to me as You Can't Do That On Television...even by what i imagine were canadian standards in the 80's, that shit got weird sometimes 

For real. Even back in the day I remember it being like a car wreck--I didn't want to see it but I just couldn't look away. Didn't they also used to make fun of this one girl because she was fat but she wasn't fat? Moose? Can you imagine if they tried in 2018?! SMH. Shit all our hats.

Sliming and the dumb locker jokes were the best bits I recall about that show. 

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