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"Why Some TV Shows Are So Good, They Need to End"


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it's a rare thing, and you can see why: just imagine how hard AMC execs were begging Vince Gilligan to give them one more season at the end there



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I've been having a lot of similar feelings recently about the length of shows (in-season). There's a lot of ongoing stuff (I am specifically calling out all the DC CW shows) that could be better served by having a season that's half as long. (hell, if you're that worried about numbers, make your cross over events a 2 hour special in the summer). 


Some shows just go on too long. I know a lot of people are tuning out of the walking dead, I'm still watching because apparently I hate myself. 

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Yes yes yes. Shows need to go out before they get stale. I've had way too many shows fizzle out with miserable seasons and it tarnishes the entire thing (Dexter, like they said). That show should've had one season after Trinity and done it completely differently. Their examples are actually perfect. The Office also became unwatchable. 


Even if it's a show I adore, I'm grateful if they end strong. Broad City announced this season would be their last, and I'm glad. They're still pretty great, but it feels like time. The last season, while hilarious, wasn't as strong as earlier ones. I think they can pull off a great ending and move on. 


Wanting a show to go on forever seems selfish as a fan. Especially after everyone on board has clearly checked out!

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