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Langrisser/Warsong Remake


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The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals Langrisser I & II, which includes full remakes of the first two entries in the tactical RPG series, for PlayStation 4 and Switch. A release date was not announced.

The games are being fully remade, from graphics to systems, and optimized to be easier to play for newcomers. Character designs are completely new, the scenario is fully voiced, and the UI is being optimized. Battles also have cut-ins, and new elements not included in the original games will be added.

Here are some production-related details:

  • Maker: Kadokawa Games
  • Planning and Production: Chara-Ani Corporation
  • Supervision: Extreme
  • Character Design: Ryo Nagi
  • Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare

The game will be officially announced during a presentation event on August 29. Development is currently 50 percent complete.





Its actually because of Warsong that i got really into the idea of "in media res" when I started writing my own tabletop games because the game starts with a castle under siege.


I played this game OBSESSIVELY. It was one of my "pick it up at least once a year to play it" games. I used to be SO angry we never got the sequels. 

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