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The Wailing


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this was a korean horror film from just a year or two back, and it's one of those that i didn't quite know what to make of initially, but looking back - with the sheer amount of supernatural horror films that are total shit, much less ones that dance into religious symbolism - this was some interesting shit, and it's weird that it doesn't get talked about. 


mind you, i though The Witch was some standout shit, and then i showed it to donny & choose life and they thought it was ass.  this happened years back with The Darkness too...again, maybe my bar for supernatural horror is disappointingly low, so stuff i find really interesting may not strike others as even standout efforts.  but there's some interesting twists & really great moments of tension in this one.


did anyone else see it?  i feel like it was around when train to busan (sp?) dropped and made me think korean horror was just really doing it that year.  

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It was good for the most part, but the end got too weird and incoherant for me. But evertime I thought it would lose me, something else crazy happened. It's pretty damn entertaining.



The Witch was the best horror movie since the og Blair Witch.

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