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yeah! all she's telling me is MORE STUFF but the nooklings only sell so much, and I'm sitting on like 60k nook points because u bought all the stuff they're offering :LOL:


also i know it's not for everyone but fuck missing concerts/events, ill rewind the clock so fast (if i don't have turnips!)

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fishing tourney was fun until i was reminded that eggs in the water are shaped like fish and somehow resist being reeled in just like them and goddammit zippy it's time for your chicanery to end

I can't cheat Tom Nook like that.   Also, had a fun encounter on Craggy Island.   Islander 1 - "Did you hear Hornsby is sick and can't leave his house, you should go over and check

welp, there goes my productivity for next year 

On 5/14/2020 at 11:15 AM, FireDownBelow said:

Well, had a KK concert. Island is 3 star. I did put up some fences, but they were hedges so I placed them in random spots and they just look like bushes. I apparently need more DIY decorations but I'm running out of recipes. I've used all the ones I like and I don't want to start throwing beds and clocks around town. I'm hoping I can score some good ones in the daily message in a bottle. Managed to catch a mahi-mahi, which was cool. I've got two ramps left to build until every cliff area on my island is accessible. Played around with the island editor tool and gave every house a little stone area, built a pond, and put a light house on a cliff. And I'm looking forward to Lief coming again cause I want all the flowers. And I am still in search of an island with something besides oranges. Not a whole lot going on, but if anyone ever wants to visit, just let me know!

Will swap oranges for my never ending collection of pears & apples?

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I will definitely swap oranges. I sold a few of my recent crop for some Nook Miles, but there should be at least six left on my island. Um...I am usually playing my time, between 2AM and 4AM. I'm not sure if that's compatible with you. Let me know. I wish there was a way to send mail to people that haven't been on your island. 😞


Still at 4 stars. Boo. I've thought about time traveling but I just haven't done it yet. I might here in a minute. Finally caught a fucking scorpion. Ryan fixed the drift in our controller so it isn't quite as hard to catch bugs. Prior to this I'd get stung. There was more at stake this time though. I'd used a Nook Miles ticket and I wasn't about to get sent home before I had thoroughly pillaged the island.

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