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Pet Sematary 2019


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I LOOOVE the night shots of the cemetery - and the rolling smoke.  LOL - felt like an Ed Wood movie.  I love it.  It all looked...really good.


But ah dunno how you can improve on what was already a pretty good adaption.  Kinda feels like Savini's Night of the Living Dead remake - it'll be an interesting 'exercise'...but not really needed.


Nowhere near 'IT' levels of hype for me.  This is almost a short story - and the look n' vibe seem to fit that.  I'm interested in checking it out - not expecting the reinvention of the wheel or anything.



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Damn, the twins they got to play Gage actually look like the original Gage from the 80s version! I wonder if they'll be as fucking creepy as that kid was. This looks good but why are we getting a trailer six months in advance? I don't think it needs/warrants that kind of extended hype. 

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Caught this with some coworkers this weekend and I loved it. I've never read the book and can only compare it to the original movie. I like the changes they made for the most part. But I wasnt too big on the ending. The alt they shot that I read about sounded alot cooler. All in all though this was solid and a really crazy ride. Props to the cat that played Church. Best actor in the movie.

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So, Pet Semetary. I'm going to try and give my review without sounding like a pretentious film snob:

- It is a solid, mainstream "for everyone" horror film. It subverts expectations if you've seen or read the OG stuff.
- it made a couple key changes that were a little...of the time which was good. (ie: indians are spoooopy)
- But i can't help but feel if you took the EXACT same cast, recorded in the EXACT same place, but gave it to a more indy horror director, it would have been fantastic.

- Yeah its big on jump scares, and its formulaic. the ending was cute since it did differ from the source material but i don't think you need to rush out to see it.


Edit: You should follow the church cats on instagram because they are adorable. 



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