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How will MCU introduce mutants?


how will they do it?   

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what do you think? personally, i like the cerebro idea (and it's fun to think they got wanda'd already and that's why we don't know about them, etc) but really, reversing the half the population lost from thanos bit & bringing that half back but some of them having x-genes seems pretty easy to me


the FF feel even easier cause they may just have been exploring other realities for too long or something 


no idea if this is any good


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It's so tricky.  They've obviously been around - because the series is being integrated in...


I wanted to vote - 'sorry, we were busy'...like, mutants and the X-Men have always been around...BUT:


- for the 'current' Fox X-Men to be in the 'current' MCU universe...the mutant 'problem' has to be such a thing - and for that to - suddenly pop up?  It's jarring - not just for continuity, but in the overall tone - that has to suddenly be injected into this....comedic, loud slug-fest series.  Either it's gonna change the nature of the MCU - or the MCU is gonna change the nature of mutants / the X-Men.


The Fox X-flicks (the first 2) were solid in 'being' what the source material was about.  I think that was the best we're ever gonna get...just like Raimi's Spidey (the first 2).


Disney's treating of Spidey in Homecoming...removed so much of the character that appealed to me.  It's a watered-down...Disney XD'd - toy on screen.  As shallow as a tooth brush commercial.  They're prolly gonna do the same w/ the X-Men.  Remove all the HARD connotations of racism or prejudice - and just make their inclusion a fun colorful addition / romp to the MCU.  They need dem kiddies to buy dem toys!


That prolly being wuddup - the mutant situation will prolly be re-invented into SUCH a super low-key thing.  Not a massive 'epidemic' on the brink of war.


The 'mutant epidemic' can be easily explained-away from the MCUs perspective - by stating it's been kept sooo under wraps:  Missing people...government interference...scant reports of 'strange people w/ strange powers'..."the Prof does what he can to find these individuals as quickly as he can."


...the X-Men strike hard - and then fade away into the night.  Super black ops.



^ this and mutants has to have been a part of the existing MCU...prior to Thanos...w/out any mention.


Fuck.  Guess I should've voted 'they've always been around'...BUT, I also think their whole nature is gonna get a MASSIVE hand-waved (not Thanos) retcon...from what was.  Simple and colorful enough to be sold to casual MCU fans.


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how is someone so obsessed with cartoons & such so disdainful of disneys approach based on...the most enjoyable spidey flick in years? :LOL:


yeah he had stark's gadgets this time, but he was wisecracking and likeable - andrew garfield was neither, and toby only the latter. even with your knock there, why does that mean disney is gonna make them lame...?


sure, i don't know that we'd have gotten something like logan without a studio willing yo try something else entirely after fucking the first 2 movies right up (2nd one wasn't bad, by way of not being the garbage that origins was). first class was great, and everything since then has been..not really memorable?


i see then keeping what's worked (deadpool, legion etc) and recasting all the things that didn't, with the inevitable & long overdue wolvy/hulk fight and other such moments. 


we had a thread for fears back when disney first bought marvel. to date, firing gunn feels like the only big misstep to me 

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For whatever reason, because the parts of Fox/Marvel that are unanimously loved are are Deadpool and Wolverine, I see them/just DP ushering this in, complete with a joke about the new Wolverine not being as handsome or rugged as Jackman.


Nemo's pitch of a subversive stab-force team working in shadow would be convenient, not to mention a pretty cool twist, but so many cataclysms and social injustices(on the netflix side) would have brought them out of the wood work by now.


Likewise some kind of gem fuckery is convenient, but hokey. Not to mention mutants need to be introduced in a way that doesn't immediately put them at odds with the heroes of the MCU. I mean the easy pitch is 'Here are the X-men, they bad, AVENGERS AS- Only cap got to say that? Fine. NOT IN THE FACE [/i] ". but I think it'd be super on the nose. 


A Displaced community/ refugee intro would not only facilitate some great social commentary reflective of current crises, but it then sets them up as a genuine wildcard as opposed to being thrown into conflict with the established heroes- and don't forget we don't know yet what shape the remaining MCU is going to be in post-infinity.


I like the idea of Xavier just out in the world as a closet telepath, as an agent of social change(hence his low profile) with Magneto assembling an army in the Savage Land. Full Ultimate Magneto with the Mutant Bible and talking about eating people- noone knows he's there because it's the savage land and he has no reason to show his hand regardless of the emergency. Xavier might be prompted to action by Ash Wednesday and start assembling his own response team.

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Ooh casting calls! I wanna play. These are some of my picks.



So Cyclops should be played by Jensen Ackles. 


Imo he was the best thing about Supernatural. And his acting was far superior to the dude playing his brother. 



:wolvy: Gets the Nu-Eastwood treatment of course.


I mean, come on.  And don't gimme that "he's too tall" line. 



August Diehl would make a good Nightcrawler. 


I really only say this though cause he looks Nightcrawlery and is German. 


Kerry Washington would make a good Storm




Mark Strong would make a great Xavier also.





Bradley Cooper is Rocket already, but I see no reason why he couldn't double dip as Beast. 



More Moviebob on bringing in the X-Men


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