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Marvel Changes Captain Marvel's Origin Story (in the Comics) Ahead of Movie


The fourth issue of the Life of Captain Marvelseries, by Margaret Stohl, Carlos Pacheco and Erica D’Urso, reveals that Carol Danvers did not actually gain superpowers through exposure to an alien device known as the Psyche-Magnetron in an accident related to Marvel’s first, male, Captain Marvel as shown in 1977’s Ms. Marvel No. 2 — an origin story that had gone unchallenged for the past 40 years to this point.

Instead, the comic established that Carol’s mother is, in fact, a member of the alien race the Kree, making Carol a Kree-human hybrid from birth as opposed to the result of an accident related to a male hero. The Psyche-Magnetron, instead of altering Carol’s DNA, “activated” Carol’s inherent superpowers, her mother explains, making them in her words, “not borrowed. Not a gift. Not an accident” — a purposeful shift that befits the company’s repositioning of the character as a model of female empowerment.

The story also retcons Marie Danvers’ name into “Mari-Ell,” turning Carol Danvers into “Car-Ell” in the process; both names follow the pattern established by Marvel’s original Captain Marvel, whose real name was Mar-Vell. In an amusing coincidence, it brings Captain Marvel closer to Superman’s birth name of Kal-El just years after the CW show Supergirl changed Supergirl’s secret identity to “Kara Danvers.”


superman nod seems...a bit obvious

excited for the movie but i couldn't even finish mcormick's (sp?) book a while back, really still wishing we'dve gone with spectrum instead 

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