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Bill Hicks


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Richard Linklater is going to direct a movie about Bill Hicks


There’s not quite any others like him. They don’t speak in the same voice. You’d think people would take that torch and go with it, but it’s a rare combination of that kind of intelligence, mysticism, political, you know… his politics, his angle, it’s pretty unique,” said Linklater. “I go through my life all the time… everything that’s going on in our culture, I always think, what would Bill Hicks be doing? You just miss him.”



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American: The Bill Hicks story was about as good as it gets IMO. The guy is one of my all-time favourites, and is up there with Hunter S. Thompson as someone's who's take would be greatly appreciated in the year 2018.


Provided they skip over some of his early material that was very influenced by Kineson, it should hopefully be well received.

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