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Jay and Silent Bob Get A Reboot


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"Jay and Silent Bob Get A Reboot" Starts Filming in February



Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will get back in front of the camera as hetero-lifemates at least one more time this February for Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot, according to Mewes. The actor-turned-storyteller told Laughspin, “If all goes as planned, we’re supposed to start pre-production January, start shooting in February in New Orleans.” Production had been previously reported to begin this past August.

Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot is one of several attempts by Smith to get the View Askewniverse characters back on the big screen. “We were supposed to shoot Clerks 3,” Mewes said in the interview. “We literally were where we are now [on Reboot] where we had the money. We were looking for a place.” But essential cast member Jeff Anderson was not on board to revive his iconic clerk Randall Graves.


has kevin smith's humor aged better than internet forums? discuss 

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The last Kevin Smith film I saw was Zack & Miri... back in *checks imdb* 2008. Damn. He's got a decade of work I haven't been interested in enough to watch. Well, I did watch that awful pilot for Hollyweed on YouTube a few months back, but no film work--or his stuff for CW either. But I have been checking out his podcast/youtube show Fatmen On Batman (now Fatmen Beyond) with Mark Bernardin off and on for about two years. I'd be curious to see Jay & SB make it back to the big screen. Also curous to see what the Sam & Twitch TV show looks like.

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