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so i sure am glad i slept on that trailer & didn't go in expecting something else...


for real though, i can see why the directions this one took are gonna be more polarizing than, say, it follows 


it's definitely not a plot i want to give a great deal of thought to - it's original & interesting but didn't really explain itself well enough, possibly because it works better without a lot of examination.  i figured that twist would come somewhere, but not where it did


like, i wasn't really clear on why the morlock dopplegangers were stuck mimicking, until they became untethered in some way? did i miss how that went down?  i also feel like daddy doppleganger must've died off screen cause maybe i fucked that part up but i never really felt like he was 100% gone, kinda half expected him to reappear towards the end


i dug it, and really thought it was more like a long twilight zone episode tryout for peele than trying to follow too closely to get out (even if both were very much about minds/souls etc).  not sure how ill feel with some distance from it, but i certainly enjoyed i more than space cowboy, haha

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Didn't daddy doppelganger die by getting chopped up by the boat motor? I got the sense that was brutal enough where he wasn't coming back. 


Also this article gave me a lot to think about. I didn't think the ending was "open-ended" but rather there was a lot left open to interpretation along the way. The ending felt pretty satisfying! I liked this movie a lot. It's definitely one that sticks with you.


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oh yeahhh, that did happen!  that'll do it 


i was wrong, your link there made me like it more - from the hints about lupita, to the bible verse of jermiah 11: 11, to 


(it's no coincidence that the hall of mirrors changes from an indigenous-themed attraction to an English mythological one).


can't believe i didn't catch that one.  the later section on the connections to Get Out - how both are about horrific american periods of history/acts of racism we want to leave buried, but return - damn.


also this is great (huge spoilers, of course)

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I'm usually a stickler for consistent worldbuilding where even if things are surreal, I understand why it's surreal.

But this movie's logic issues didn't bother me as much as it seemed to bother others with it's lack of clear cause and effect. The performances, action and sense of connection to the characters powers you through that.


It helps that almost all the character stuff is in the first half and the worldbuilding cracks don't become apparent til the last 1/4, so by then you're invested.


And I think it also helped that the action across the movie was surprisingly logical, i.e. things get paid off. There's a moment when we hear screaming on the lake and there's no explanation for it til later. There's the way the closet thing was set up, the way the trauma speech loss paid off etc. The opening tv commercials as well.


Bottom line: I want to see Lupita in more stuff.



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