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House of X (Return of Hickman)


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Powers of Ten # 2 - pheww

so we're definitely seeing a synthesis of xavier & mags somehow, still no idea how apocalypse fits in but dying to see him lead the charge in the future next issue. 

can't believe we reached back & made the phalanx a cosmic tier entity, but i should've known he'd have a field day with these loose pieces


fan theories i'm reading have hopes that by the end of these 2 books, the constant cycle of trying to outrun dystopian cycles will be broken & left with a clean slate - it'd be crazy to see, and should make the baytors of the world happy as well, haha



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House of X 3 - that's a mean cliffhanger


we still aren't seeing krakoa, nor xavier without that maker-like mask.  he's also being creepier than usual, the martyr talk with scott was just one piece of that. 


i dug wolvy's bit about the "innocent" scientists, and emma was in full form walking creed out of achilles (it's still weird rooting for sabretooth in anything). 


wish more of y'all were reading this, it's easily the best book marvel's got going right now this side of immortal hulk

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...i know i'm usually the one behind on stuff here, but like: if you've ever enjoyed x-men, i cannot imagine why you'd not be all over this book.  hickman is fucking incredible at digging through the vaults & building worlds with it


and here's some fun receipts: from Inferno, Jean's answer to Storm




from the later run of New X-Men, on resurrection:






absolutely loved this issue, and wakanda not wanting smoke at the end killed me.  i need to go make more friends to talk about this shit with, haha



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so House of X tied up yesterday, and Powers of X next week - damn.  the latter gets a little too large in scope for the moment, but the former...i can't believe he pulled it off, we're finally feeling like we're past cleremont's leftovers, decades later.  grant moirisson's run was refreshing & the shift it pushed was picked apart for the next 5 years or so, but im still marveling at what hickman managed with moira, krakoa & nimrod, of all characters





it's clearly built like a house of cards - xavier's nefarious drug dealings, the welcome mat being laid out for sinister, selene, apocalpyse & co, the precarious immortality project they've got going, unanswered questions like krakoa's intentions/allegiances to apocalypse etc - but we finally have a non-mansion status quo that isn't something terrible 



i love so much of the characterization here, even certain parties being down with this (that weren't with genosha or prior island attempts) because of moira's visions.  i think my only beef at the moment was sabretooth was absolutely screwed in that punishment, and their admirable idea of no prisons actually resulted in...something worse/more torturous.  i know it couldn't happen to a nicer guy than creed, but damn, there's gonna be repercussions for that too, i magine



with the x-book relaunches, i'm not sure which ones ill stick with, but the core book  anything else written by hickman, ill be on.  ill like try out stuff i wouldn't normally (like excalibur) to give the new teams a chance.


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Moira & Destiny as the all-time rivalry...didn't see that one coming


Powers of X tied up today and made the scale issues Hickman was fixated on there finally come through

with the "mutants always lose" narrative


this was a fantastic ride, and i can't wait for dawn of x next week.  ill likely try out most of the series for a bit, but hickman's finally pushed us past cleremont's shadow.  was just reading how silly it was for x-men to be about the only book in marvel to basically maintain a status quo from the 70's. 

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apparently i missed that hickmans' run ended in Inferno, reading that one soon to get caught up...new series isn't bad so far, still not reading many of the other books outside of percy's wolverine


new writers are having fun though



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