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4 hours ago, The NZA said:

yeah super skrull looks like a cool BAF, still bummed we're getting last year's savage she hulk instead of the current or even earlier/usual one

I concur one hundred percent, traditional green She-Hulk is definitely preferred. But the sculpt on this one is so damn nice I'm not even that mad at the $20 I'll drop on her. I'm sure youtube and instagram will be flooded with people's custom repaints on her once she drops. 

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Huge thanks to @Newtype for finding this at Target for me!! I just love this set. I love the detail and their outfits. After all these years, NZAs nagging has worn me down and I’m taking figures out o


thank you for this, hakus!  on the way back from an appointment yesterday, i passed by 3 best buys and got all the rest of the line for $13/each! guess they're dumping them...well, all except the goog

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I'm seriously trying to wean myself off of Legends. I've just already got so many and so little display room. It's getting outta hand over here. These newer waves are making it easier to pass on stuff. I'm gonna need AOA Darkbeast, Sunfire, & Apocalypse though. I managed to pass on the FF wave so far--except for Doom & She-Hulk. Ditto for the latest Spidey wave--except for Vulture. And @The NZA, I finally got me a Kingpin! Traded a guy at our second comic-con back in February some LEGO for the complete BAF. So only four new Legends figs acquired in the last three months. Pretty good for an addict. However...


I'm gonna be fucked later this year though when the FOX-MEN movie figs start hitting. Also, I'm gonna need the Stan Lee and that Wal-Mart exclusive Black Widow in the gray outfit. *sigh* Weaning.

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