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That's what I was wondering. It has NOT aged well. I'm pretty sure this will be a ground up thing though.  


This interview with the developers sounds promising:




Karaagacli: It’s a full remake in the sense that we’re staying faithful to the original design, but everything is made from scratch. As you’ve seen, we have the visual strengths of Black Forest coming out. We’ve modernized a lot of the controls, the flow of the run and gun experience.

We’ve taken bits of features that we know were improvements in the sequel to the first game and put them in. One example is the dash, which was only in the second game. We’ve added that here, and evolved it to have more of a skating motion. If you hold the dash button and press down, Crypto will skate along the ground, which gives you better mobility for shooting stuff. That’s where the fun of the game comes out.




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man, this was the next game I'd played last year after stubbs the zombie (still looking for a copy of that one) and had a blast, jank and all. still gotta play the sequel too 


edit buying used if possible cause thq nordic sucks 

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