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In my humble opinion... This is the best marvel series.  The trailer makes it look like a philosophical show but it's more about character and the interesting story within the setting they have created with charm and humor.  Yes there are some plot holes but only the pickiest of viewers will worry since it's so much fun.  Like the god of mischief, expect twists.  So watch it before they get spoiled for you.  Hope they keep up this quality till the end.  👍

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Anyone got any theories on who is responsible for the TVA? Keeping expectations in check, cause the shows are playing it more or less safe it seems, but if I were to go all out crazy mine is that 

it's The Maker. Reed Richards already does multiverse work in the comics, maybe this one tries to stop his variants\feels threatened by other Reeds and made the TVA to stop them? Would be a fun way to introduce the Fantastic Four also




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I think asking at this point is sort of a spoiler because it's established at the beginning it's the three timekeepers.  At the end of episode 4 I thought it would be clever to make it Mobius.  But after 5, where he is driving that pizza car, not so sure anymore.  I do think it would be someone in the show so far so everything is wrapped up for us.

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Keith, so close according to google.  I think any comic book buff will figure it out, of course coming to me after watching a few YouTube videos.  Episode 5 in my opinion was a bit weak but they made up for it in 6.  Btw the one who plays the part is really good.

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yeah, like how this one wrapped up, not sure if non-comic fans will dig it though?


going into the finale started to reek of kang for me, but i thought he's too big for this show - the main baddie couldn't be immortus either, i figured.  still, that was a hell of a setup, and jax was telling me how kang is set to be the villain for the next ant-man (i'm guessing that release also got dicked up by the pandemic...)


he seems too big for scott, though?  maybe it'll be like loki, he's introduced there but becomes the next big thing for the new/young avengers to handle down the road?

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