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Here's my hot take on The Mandalorian. 


3 eps in. Loving it. I think my big take away is that it really delivers a genre to the masses that normally people would not enjoy and makes it accessible. The best way I can put it is.... the maguffin being what it is - instantly makes the show have mass appeal for people who wouldn't normally watch like...a western or samurai type movie (even if it is star wars) 

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just finished season 1, and yeah, this is hands-down the most interesting thing in the star wars universe since KOTOR.  it's legit a space western with a lot of the same trappings of samurai stuff, which is basically the more interesting elements of what lucas built on for the old movies.  i don't think there was an episode i didn't enjoy or wanted to skip past, though the final 2-parter really was some standout stuff.  can't wait to dive into season 2.


still marveling at them trying to make bill burr a badass, still disappointed in gina carano these days

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