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El Camino (Breaking Bad film)


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5 hours ago, Axels said:

This was fantastic. Not needed, but much appreciated. It felt like a long episode which is really what I was hoping for and doesn't do anything to tarnish the ending. Don't go in expecting any mindblowing revelations or twists. 

Agreed. It's basically a Jesse Pinkman epilogue to the series with some well done and non-gratuitous cameos. This was getting a lot of "meh" reviews in my feed and I don't get it. It's like Axels wrote, a really well done two hours of Breaking Bad that focuses on Pinkman. If you loved the series then I don't know how you wouldn't love this movie.


This literally pics up where Jessie left off in the

Breaking Bad finale. It's also got some great flashbacks that really relate to Jesse's character and motivations in the present. Fucking Todd, that sociopath. And the scene with Walt was so great. It basically encapsulated both characters in one scene. This is some of Vince Gilligan's best writing and directing. It makes me hopeful that S5 of Better Call Saul might finally pick up the pace and get closer tot he greatness of Breaking Bad.

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