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Money Heist - aka La casa de papel


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This Netflix series is a refreshing to what has been out there lately.  It's a series with a mix of thriller, character development and heist elements.




It's a bit mainstream and has a bunch of holes (unbelievable situations or a few out of character decisions) but its so much fun you forget about these details.  Finally, a show you root for something and actually care what happens.  Don't wanna give too much away!  There are 3 seasons, but it really seems like it was planned to only have 2.  Just finished 2 and this has been a roller coaster.


Tips - watch it in Spanish and don't watch the previews (first few seconds spoil end of S2)!


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that sounds cool, and that's a shitty thing for the previews to do, geez


gonna assume it was originally shot in spanish - im way behind on my queue (gotta finish the last season of punisher, hulu has this new wu-tang series, still sleeping on the last season of black mirror etc) but im adding it to the pile!

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