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Netflix To Adapt Jeff Smith's Eisner Award-Winning Comic Book Series BONE As An Animated Series

Netflix To Adapt Jeff Smith's Eisner Award-Winning Comic Book Series BONE As An Animated Series

Despite several attempts, adaptations of Jeff Smith's Bone have failed to move forward, but now Netflix has officially announced that they are developing an animated show based on the beloved comic series.

VisionWitch | 10/16/2019
Filed Under: "Netflix" Source: Netflix



After spending several years languishing at the Warner Bros. lot, which saw a film adaptation from Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne fail to get off the ground, Netflix has officially acquired the right to Jeff Smith’s acclaimed comic book series Bone.

Following this development, the streaming giant announced that they will adapt the beloved property as an animated series, which like the comic it’s based on, will follow “the iconic Bone cousins on an adventure through a vast, uncharted desert and into a mysterious valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures.”


Along with the show’s announcement, creator Jeff Smith released a statement expressing his joy over the news and praising the team developing the project.

“I’ve waited a long time for this. Netflix is the perfect home for Bone. Fans of the books know that the story develops chapter by chapter and book by book. An animated series is exactly the way to do this! The team at Netflix understands Bone and is committed to doing something special - this is good news for kids and cartoon lovers all over the world.”

Published from 1991 to 2004, Smith’s Bone series ran for a total of 55 issues and went on to earn numerous awards including ten Eisner Awards and eleven Harvey Awards.



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