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New Diablo 4 and 2 remaster details from known Reddit leaker (Console release for D2R)


So, new class for DIV, the rogue! Uses bows, crossbows, swords and daggers and is quite mobile! Also lacks an ear (she got PK :c )! More character customisation - skin, tattoos, makeup, hair color. Class specialization that are tied to what faction you will support and do class quests for in the open world! Item drops differentiate in looks based on the location (sword is a scimitar in the desert but it's a broadsword in the north). You can customise your horsie! Monster camps that you can conquer for the people! Special PvP currency in certain area, is used for cosmetics, you can collect it unpurified by killing monsters but when you purify - anyone can attack and kill you and steal those shards.... No words about test or releases.

Then also D2R yay, it's coming! It's a remaster - the original game literally runs under the new 3D 60fps graphics engine so that means the gameplay is identical! There's even a switch to flip the graphics on the fly! Remastered audio and cinematics! Shared stash is here! Advanced stats summary - no more counting needed! Toggleable auto gold pickup! Controller support ( as it comes to all major consoles, Switch too). Shift to compare! Dynamic lighting but still dark as the original! Cross progression! You're not forced to be online to play, just once! You can sing up for technical alpha, game should come this year!


D2 for switch is, of course, the big news here - man, that'd be so cool

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