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After much persuasion from my dear buddy IC, I've decided to go ahead & start a hip-hop thread. But, rather than start a thread that copies other people's lyrics & talks junk about hip-hop artists, I thought that it would be better to bring hip-hop back to its Bronx roots of what is known as The Battle Rap.


Contestants in the battle rap thread will abide by these rules:


1) Call out an opponent or aka your target.


"Chief calls out IC."


2) No more than 24 lines at a time. Example:


bla bla bla bla bla /

bla bla bla bla blo / that's 2 lines


Optional: Pick a backbeat to set your rap to. Contestants are encouraged to download the song & see how your rap fits with the beat. If no beat is provided, the default beat should be MOBB DEEP - QUIET STORM... go get it.


Lets see who'll get the ball rolling...




The thread has been expanded to also include freestyles. That's right, pick up the mic & drop a nice freestyle, then pass them mic when you're done with it. Same concept, pick a beat, write a rhyme, then pass it on.

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Chief calls out IC


Dude's so white he can't even come out in sunlight,

Girls, shit they pants, pick up & start to run at first sight.

What's up with that eye, always dartin' to the side of you?

You'd have your back to me & still know if I was behind you.

Boy, watch yourself, dont' let me catch you in the dark,

Set your legs on fire, have you lookin' like Joan of Arc.

Couldn't hang in MIA, ran over to the wild wild west,

Stay running to the gym trying to get rid of your bird chest.

Heard your a fireman now. Hey, blow your horn!

We all know secretly your a fluffer for gay porn.

And speakin' of fluffers, are your two kitties cushy?

Hope so, cause that's the last time you ever gonna see pussy.

Damn, I think from bustin' up this punk ho I got a cramp,

So I'll be nice & retire as the undefeated champ.

You screwed now son, Eminem couldn't save you anyway.

Go home & write something, save it for a rainy day.




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Hahaha....Holy shit, i got smoked before i even started...im way to tired for this tonite but cant leave a freestyle unanswered.


Whitey's revenge


Tell me..are hate crimes still considered a misdomener?

cause im about to take it to this chunky ass beaner

while he's crusin down the block in his yugo nowhere

reminiscin bout the days when his head had hair

only style you got these days is from what ya stole,

Its like im tryin to talk to you but then im talkin to ya mole

still try to walk the block with ya gay cock talk,

thinkin that im slippin? Man, I got this shit down lock

What, more white jokes? Son, that shit's gone stale

why dont we talk bout ya moms? i hear that ass is for sale

what with portraits of her booty up all over the town,

we call the ho Craig Mack cause she likes to get down...

I dont lie...didnt wanna havta make that ass cry,

but i cant get played by some wankster jedi

Ya might be pretty cool with all your PC freaks

but please, come back some time when your shit aint weak


and im out.

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Haha...yeah its tricky and im not very good but used to mess around with friends from the old block...it doenst always have to be a battle but the popular ones are, anyway. You like mine? I think Chiefy's was pretty good.

Seriously, it can be only a line or two, give it a go if you can, that'd be cool. Make fun of the fact i like mainstream shit! Cmon you can find somethin that rhymes with Nickelback.

Like, asscrack.

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i may not be able to flow very well... but i can make up some bad ass limericks... haha... bad ass and limerick in one sentence... that's just not right...


ps. your flows were so intimidating i just had to stop before i embarassed myself

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:D hah...cmon now youre makin me blush, just like this :D

Remember, its all in good fun. You can pick on me or maybe Def or Bitch and start some shit, im only givin Chiefy grief cause he was better than i expected. Try it - when youre bored in class tomorrow, scribble down somethin if youre up to it, youll be surprised how quick shit comes to you.

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Bad ass rimlick what? Just kidding.


Give it a shot. Call her out & give her a good beat down. Go find a good slow hip hop instrumental & play it to give yourself an idea of the beat & give it a shot!


... damn IC, you got me good. What do the people say? Who won on that exchange?

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Ok I got one more in me...


T D's are W A C K set to the beat of LL Cool J - 4, 3, 2, 1 the REMIX



Here's a guy, says he's the Topdawg, really he's not,

Hittin' on men constantly, one day bet he'll get shot.

Got married, tried to cover up that he's a queeny,

Dancin' in the gay clubs, caged, dressed up as a geenie.

Your little wack style couldn't intimidate me, son,

Have you shittin' your pants begging for mercy even without my gun.

On the one-by-one, I drop hard shit like constipation,

better buy your ticket and make a break for the train station.

I'm comin' into Dallas looking to roll 2 fuckin' heads,

the white guy's already bent over, you better fuckin' play dead

or I'm-a come up on you like I was a muthafuckin' animal,

tear your whimpy throat out like I was Hannibal the Cannibal.

How you gonna say that Gemstone is the shit?

Went to the site, looked around, nothing really exists!

All the characters, imaginary, made up in your head!

Better turn the lights out & crawl your ass back into bed.


and I'm DONE with it. :D

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this doesn't go out to anyone individual but it's a start and sorry if it's really lame but hey it's something... so don't laugh!


this flow is in no way maliciously intended

so don't be a bitch and act all offended...

i despise stupid broads and the lame styles they wear

they talk as if i listen. does it look like i fucking care?

don't look at me that way unless you wanna throw down

i'll kick your ass good then bring you to lost and found

don't fucking smile my way, you ain't got shit on me

stop lying to yourself, how dumb can a dumb broad be?

what made you believe that you look so good?

some are pretty, you are not, isn't that understood?

sure looks aren't everything, that's not what it's about

yet you somehow managed to be ugly inside and out

just admit that you fell straight from the ugly tree

for proof, look in a mirror, how hard can that be?

im not concieted yet know without a doubt

im better than you'll ever be.. so peace bitch im out


yes i feel really cool

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Calling out Chief


Nigga please, don't make me drop bombs like dese!

Ammo like this is wasted on pedafile fiends.

Trying to bring yo shit to the lyrical stage,

All the while I gots yo mama on page.

Neva try takin yo rap to my home turf,

My lyrical waves you can't ever hope to surf.

Thats it.. now i'm mad. Boy... you betta be fast,

Gonna go medival on you and put yo ass in a cast.

Then pull out a bow and riddle yo punk ass,

Try to defend bitch, you KNOW you can't last.

What you gonna do? Toss yo girls alphabet blocks?

Bitch I catch the G and the S and put'em in socks.

Then i'll slam you lil ass like in a prison riot,

Say you fell down the stairs maybe someone will buy it.

Fool, look what you dun brought from high on down,

Trying to come at me, make y'self look like a clown.

Talking all down to the fun games in mah head,

Don't make me go prove its all real, Shock might drop ya dead.

Boy listen up right now and know you betta hear,

Take me on anywhere and you gonna lose that ear.

Best thing you could do is stay in thet race car bed,

Never try besting the master of rhymes, you hear what I said?

May as well just find a nice quiet corner and pout,

Take defeat in silence punk... peace all, I'm out.


Damn I'm good B)

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FreeBird - That was a good shot! Too bad you weren't directing your assault to anyone here, but you have talent girl!


TD - ::remembers Al B Sylk:: "Well at least you tried so Chief must clap, you gotta try again when you can do a real rap. You'z a dodo head, a dodo head, a dodo head, you'z a dodo head!" :D


Take defeat in silence punk... peace all, I'm out.


im better than you'll ever be.. so peace bitch im out


sounds familiar!

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Hahaha jesus my side hurts people...i cant believe Chief invoked Al B Sylk, i used to love that shit!

Im lovin this, i really didnt think anyone else would play along, hope we get more. Maybe i should start shit to invite people on down?

Birdy - Seriously, that flowed like you thought it through a bit, youre better than youre givin credit for.

Chief - Not sure who took round 1, youre right we'll leave it to the others to determine, good job on both so far.

TD - Outta nowhere, im surprised man, not bad. The alphabet thing was my favorite bit i think.

Robitussum - We need Cap'n, Duado and DJ Ario X to bring back BS (Buncha spics) down here, i still love their first single, my favorite line was between ario's:

"girls see me, and they shake like maracas" and

"i got a watergun and i aint afraid to buss it..." that's priceless.


Lets keep it goin people...

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I thought you did pretty good.

Chiefy - not quite a freestyle but that Eminem/Benzino battle, man that was a trip. My favorite shit:


"Jesus christ...if you that much of gangsta, put the mic down!/

You should be out killin mothafuckas right now.../

kill a mothafucka dead, kill him dead, bitch!/

Shoot him in the fuckin head; go ahead, bitch/

slap my mom, slap the fuck out of her,/

she cant sue you, she wouldnt get a buck out of ya/

cause ya broke as fuck, you suck, youre a fuckin joke/

if you was really sellin coke...the what the fuck/

you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack/

you'd make a lot more money than you do from rap/..."


damn, i thought theyd have to call the cops the way Em trashed his ass.

...doesnt anyone wanna challenge Spongey? Hmm i wonder who else here might have freestyle skills...

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this looks like fun


the bad guy calls out the homos


todays the last day the DD homos get to run freely

im sick & tired of queers like Spongebob actin so silly

strut your homo strut and i will take your ass to philly

have you beat down in the street an dressed like milli vanilli


girl you know its true this kid is really fuckin' gay

girls ask for sex, the boy screams "no way!

you ain't gay, id rather have some Jumbie in my life...

an maybe next week that queer will let me be his wife!"


that Jumbie's trife, defender of the gay & the retarded

superman, bullshit, i think clark kent must've farted

mr. new york times must think hes really fuckin cool

keeps the kids afterschool & lets them play with his tool


if jax were still around id fuckin slap him in his face

that walkin south park character would have to swallow a can of mace

an eat every gay syllable he uttered since inception

dont you wish his parents would've used protection?




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E-DIDDY CALLS OUT THE FREEBIRD (since she's the only girl with guts enough to throw down and I respect that tremendously) set to the beat of Eminem - Nail in the Coffin



Listen little girl, I think that you got lost

Disney land is over that way, get your wires crossed

before you ever decide to step up in my dimension,

I'll leave your ass back in school cryin' in detention.

Not to mention, I'll demolish everything in sight,

behold my might, I'll have you blind lookin' for a flash light.

Time's up girl, the buzzer just went off,

I'm kickin' rhymes so fuckin' sick it'll give you a cough.

Not too many girls on DD are truly cool,

but you had guts to drop a rhyme, now lets see who can rule.

IC is a tool, and TD dropped the ball,

I'm putting severed heads on plaques up against my wall.

Will you be the next item in my trophy case?

I'll break your neck, cut you up & stick you in a suitcase.

Show these other fools you know how to drop a rhyme,

don't wait for heartless to drop, you'll waste your freakin' time.



All in the spirit of competition! Come on girly girl, respond to my challenge! :D

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mr. chiefy... ((my first call-out... yeah i know it sucks but i tried... maybe i'll get better with practice... haha))


wish you didn't talk? well it's just a lil too late

think you got me, pssh, your mine at this rate

look at my face, i'll cut you a little slack

cause racin' two lanes, all you'll see is my back

street dominated by men, yet i make all the calls

your the man, but why do i have the bigger balls?

i may be small but i got nothing to hide

what's under that hat, is that a receding hairline?

you have no hair but your still blind to see

that your ass will never be anywhere close to me

now im through being mean, i got nothing to maintain

so while im being nice i'll buy you some rogain

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Oh you little hoooooooooochie!! You went & hit the bald jokes 4X in one rap! Damn you to hell! :D:D



BEATIN' ON A WHITE MAN to the beat of Wu-Tang - Triumph



IC ain't got the balls to call noone out,

been hiding like a bitch for 10 posts, without a doubt

this mans the biggest homosexual to ever hit the block.

Put some lube on my glock, you'll be suckin' like a cock.

IC. Better off callin' this guy Hi-C,

he's fruitier than the produce section of my local grocery.

Prancin' like a queen-a. A male ballerina.

Lisp some words at me and your new name will be Ms. Tina,

Turner. Beat you down like my name was Ike.

Forget about the pussy, its the dick that you like.

I'm straight up giving beatings to these ho's like I'm Mike,

Tyson, runnin' through you like my name's M. Bison.

You try to block, but you just get sent up into flames,

Man, you told me you were good. I thought you played this game?

Puts the consoles up like its better than a PC,

Man your shit is greasy, does a keyboard leave you dizzy?

A mouse is just too hard for a controller boy to handle,

but catch me in a Tekken game, your ass I will dismantle.

See, I can bring it wherever you'd like to throw it down.

Smack you 'round, make you move to ANOTHER town.

But Texas is good for you, they've got steers & queers,

'tween the animals and fags, you'll be living there for years!


.......... done wid it.

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