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"Roy Keane in Saipan", what!?

Irish soccer player, best we had, one of the best in the world. But just before the World Cup, he had a big bust up with the Ireland manager in Saipan, Japan, called him a wanker and fucked off home, retired from international football. Whole thing became a saga, been in the papers for months, will he/won't he come back...and finally he said a few weeks ago, he won't.


So, is it the Maniac Cop group, the Irish bastards, or just the Cracka Clan?

Maniac Cop III represent!


But, can your crew handle IC's patos?

We can handle ourselves, we won't know till our paths cross. The question is tho, who's got your back? Way I see it, if I was you I'd try and get TD and Birdy in a crew with you...

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Aw, now m'man Chiefy soundin all sad & blue,

left out the treehouse, and he aint got a crew...

but this kinda thing shouldnt be new to you,

remeber who hung with you in school? ...just you

Patos Malos too busy on their award tour,

so you hate on KOS, callin him an amateur,

talkin all big, but homeboy, peep the score...

last time I looked down, man, you was on the floor

Why you beggin for more, yo i dont know...

i' think you kinda dig the pain...tell me, is it so?

I could rhyme all night, shine on Slapaho

cause when im on point, its straight lyrics to go...

or dont ya know? like rivers to a sea, i flow

but now I'll let him hold the mic while i hit that do...and im out.


ps Metroid's kicking my ass, hence old-school style quickies.


Patos_small.jpgthe turntables might wobble but they dont fall down

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Forgot about Chief over Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm



Yeah... it's all fucked up now...

you gay ducks... you forgot about Chief...

it's all fucked up now...

Did you really... forget who started this shit?

Well... I'm-a make you all remember...


...Today seems to be hate Chief day,

took a glance at your rhymes just to see what you would say.

Amazing! Finally, a rhyme you didn't copy!

You think that your weak style is something that will stop me?

Look at me, I sum up your biggest fear.

I've abused you so much I'm almost out of ideas.

The whiteness is old, the gayness, too easy,

but every time you bust a rhyme the readers get queasy,

sick to their stomach, readin' all types of complicated nonsense.

Bitch, I practice straight excellence...

...Ask Ario, that Pato spent an hour

trying to see how many of my rhymes he could devour,

copy on his notepad, you think I don't know?

Just call me Shakespeare cause I influenced your flow.

The originator, none greater, back to the beginning,

my flows'll change the globe, make the Pope start sinning.

Your rhymes are straight stupid like a Jim Carrey flick,

keep staring at the Wizard while your ho sucks my dick...

...All of IC's crew? Straight bury them,

Robitussin claps like a seal at the sequarium. (ar! ar! ar!)

...And Ario's still hidin,

48 hours later, the fears trembling inside him.

...Enough to make him wet his little pampers,

You need some maxi-pads, ho? I'll drive you down to Eckerds.

So go back & check page 1.

My style's illuminating, like staring at the sun.

Ain't playin' wit you partna', you think I need a team?

I can eat a plate of Patos w/ a side of ice cream.



Cause I'm the truth kid,

'nuff to have your shit split,

turn you into liquid,

have you on my dick straight addicted.

Chief's in your ear, bring the raw uncut.

Watch the Patos flock around cause its never enough.

I'm the truth kid,

'nuff to have your shit split,

turn you into liquid,

have you on my dick straight addicted.

Chief's in your ear, bring the raw uncut.

Watch the Patos flock around cause its never enough.

Edited by BigChiefSlapaho
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Spicca Please! - calling out ChiefHo


I don't need no backing to take care of this clown

Bring violence in silence, beat ya spic ass down

I questioned yo skills so you audit your plaudits

You think you can compare to my well oiled unit?

I don't even need back-up, don't waste that resource

I could take you alone rapping over the Corrs!

So you start hating, calling my styles amateur

Just jealous cos ya wanna join the MC4

Muthafucka thinks he's god's gift to the mic

You don't got what it takes for the Maniac psyche

Ain't noone wanna run with you, yo skillz so po'

Even Birdy smoked your ass on her second go!

You so out of your depth starting fights 'gainst us all

Got no crew behind you, divided you fall

Honorary Triad, got my machete crew too

Take ya down to Chinatown, eviscerate you

I eat all my foes, wait no meat on the brain

Chuck that, use the rest 'n make Chiefy Chow Mein!


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Haha....damn another solid one from MC3, good one there!

uh oh, Chiefgotkilledlikeaho (hah) is on the ropes, not sure how much longer he can hold out...

KOS has him dizzy, the crowd's yellin "finish him!", is Chiefy rope-a-dopin or is he spent?

..and will the rest of my crew ever show up??

This shit's gettin crazy...were takin a break here people so if anyone's got anythin to say on the mic, grab it & go, all freestyles welcome..now's a fine time to drop it without Chief bothering you either, he's got his hands full now...

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here's a lil taste for those who hatin against the patos malos...


chief slap a hoe, i laugh at your...silly rhymes,

u really fuckin with some rappin pros...if u really slappin hoes, then slap urself 50 times...

i hit u with the heavy rhymes then smash ur flow...

its tragic yo, u be the one gettin slapped...we all know u like a big strap-on up ur back door...

listen here u asshole, its the patos malos...not the 'bad chief slap a hoes' the rotten rascals



boom, right off the top of the head...more to come....quack...

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Haha...ok, so much for takin a break...damn the clan's finally showin up! pick it up, pick it up...


Chief's takin mad hits like its NFL blitz, when he gets on back in, yo he's gonna throw fits

gettin rushed from all angles, like a dirty DP,

now cowboy on the mic, and its attack # 3

yo, i wanna feel bad, but then ya open ya mouth...

talkin shit to Ireland and the Dirty Souf,

soundin llike a wife beatah, "why'd you make me do this?!"

but MCing aint ya thing - maybe you should be buddhist?

ya raps get eaten like theyre made by Frito Lay...

remember? "cowards in maimi get sprayed in day"

but anyway, i aint no bully, ill let that ass recover

cause there's six million ways to die; go choose another...peace.


Patos_small.jpgtap that ass, like this - really doe

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Well now...

Yo, yo, yo, whassup bro?

It's Benny B on da scene and I'm comin clean!

What's up with all these people tryin to pretend?

They get all these ideas, call themselves American.

Talkin about rights, freedom, and equality.

Yeah, that's all good, but you take it to an extremity!

Praise God because we're free.

But that doesn't give you the right to mess with tha Liturgy!

Just wait till the next pope comes and gives you an Anathema!!!

Then we won't even deal with half of ya!

So do what you want while you still can,

'cause you'll find real soon that from Communion you'll be banned!

Dear Father see that, on the Altar, that Red Book?

Go on ahead, take a good look!

Unless what you're praying is in there,

then don't go and make up your own words, don't you dare!!!

What's that sister, what's your complaint?

An all male priesthood making you mad enough to faint?

You must really think that it's not fair.

Well, too bad for you, it's been infallably declared!

Some of you may think I'm being kind of harsh,

but I'm just givin the Truth whole, and not in parts.

It's not at all that I'm tryin to be mean...

I'm Benny B and I'm just comin' clean!

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Tame ass bitches, step into my world. Take the spotted mushroom, it'll guide you on your journey. Over the golden fields though the rivers of anaemia, where the fish all have blood pressure. Past the shady glade, past the burning churches and over that dead fella in the middle of the path, if only he knew not to cross the Jont when he's feeling tensile.


Continue Mr Holmes....








The streets are so crazy, I just can't get lazy

But smoking all this dope is making me hazy

Even still I'll introduce your face to my boot

Whetha you Yank or Canadian, what you laughing aboot?

So Benny comes in laying down scripture

Give regards to my lord Satan, we'll see what a bitch you're.

When I'm done you'll be forever marked absent

Till your torso's found in your pulpit, so that's where you went!


So I'm the Cop III's police sketch artist

But Slapaho ain't there supposed to be a face where that arse is.

So I'll not just eat this nigga's ass

I'll fist him too just for a laugh.

Get back to your wigwam, back to your reservation

Before I make you an emergency patient

Get the hell out of Dodge, the sheriffs have arrived

So get on yo horse or I'll taunt you a second time

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Haha...fuckin hell, where are these Irish kids gettin their flows from? Maybe its in the blood...

2 points for the reservation shot (why didnt i think of that one?), 5 for squeezing in "aboot". I liked it, Jont.

The intro of your rap reminds me of trippy Cypress Hill videos, by the way.

That's 4 hits today alone Chiefy; if you wanna put the mic down & cash in, I'll understand...

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Uh oh, look out!

Jont, if you're tryin to get to me, I gotta doubt.

What's all that about?

It's ok, don't worry, you don't have to start to pout!

Tryin to put a stop to me and leave me dead in the water?

I tell ya son, I wouldn't mind being a martyr!

As for the devil you can tell him yourself

Oh, you think you're cool, but really your anything else!

The last thing I wanna do is call down fire and brimstone,

I'd hate ta see ya with you teeth nashing, startin to groan!

The God I believe in is about peace and forgiveness,

you've only one life and after that your chance you've missed.

Go on now and think about what I say,

Or you may come to regret it some day.



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Some of that old time religion needs to be brought into the Jonty-First Century....


...cut the music and ring the funeral bell

Lay on some organ this is Benny's Requiem.....


So you want to be a martyr, well here's your jihad.

Beat yo Yank ass with the rage of Baghdad

You want religion, well this rhyme is consecrated,

My dick is still holy from the last nun I desecrated.

So your lord thinks he's goin to be the one to take me down?

Well I'm better than him, I think I'll capitilise My pro-nouns.


So your god is about peace and forgiveness,

Well forgive Me, what's that wet patch were your dick is?

Just so you know in every celibate priest

Lies an alterboy lovin, rampant sex-beast.

So you can go and condemn Me to Hell,

I'm just saying a prayer for the under-twelves.

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Yeah, well until then, yo, I'm a rock a rhyme, singin...


Why's Chief Slap startin shit with no reason?

Comin at the Patos? Man, its wabbit season

Now we got Duado in here, Ario in the back

rhymin on timin while i pick up that slack

ya went and challenged the clan, now you felt the burn

I'm soundin like Joe Public, but you'll live and learn

we tried to take it easy, but you wouldnt leave it be

so now its strictly business like EPMD

rhymes galore in store, we let em bust like guns,

zip that lip while we stompin in these Air Force Ones

mama said "leave him be", ill knock you out anyway

cause you aint had nothing dope since you sampled "Judgement Day"

tired of pickin on a chiefy, now he's one dead mex

"done with it", movin on, time to see who's next...*poof*


Patos_small.jpgthat's the joint, that's the jam, turn that shit up, play it again

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