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Hehe where be KoS, don't tell me he's pussied it.... B)


Queen Bee?!? I see nuffing but a lousy slag

A-Thinking she could give a bone to a fag

You be mixing up reality with those dreams and wishes

But I suppose its easy to get bored while washing those dishes

And sweeping those floors and dusting the shelves

Into that magical world you so easily delve

Wanting to aspire, ideas above your station

I understand your mind needs a vacation

But don't forget your duties, you just a regular Martha Stewart

Blowjob, starter, blowjob, lunch, blowjob then dessert

But you carry on hanging to those little fantasies

After all, you need something to ignore, that annoying ache in you knees.


As Dre said "You try to be the king but the ace is back....." :D

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Listen to this one, one comeback rap and you think youre in the clear...Ario's verse was good, im sure he's comin back when he's done paiting his room. Duado's was cool too...do i gots to drop another one to remind you why Patos Malos clain aint nothin to fuck with??

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Hey y'all listen up....


There be some bullshit flying and it just ain't right

Like a kid faking an asthma attack before the fight

I see a lot of balls but nobodies swingin'

Like Agassi when he was still into his liggin'

So lets get some rhymes some tunes from the qwerty

You guys all talk, are you sure your all shirty

I seem to be the only one droppin dice and pulling tunes

Or are we all waiting for the night of the full moon

So lets jump on the wagon and be getting all lairy

Or are you all just a bunch of no-hope fairies?!?



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Listen to this one, one comeback rap and you think youre in the clear...Ario's verse was good, im sure he's comin back when he's done paiting his room.  Duado's was cool too...do i gots to drop another one to remind you why Patos Malos clain aint nothin to fuck with??

You're the only one representing them, might as well.


Rob - I'm waiting...

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Ain't pussied it Bucket, just busy...but I'm gonna still be busy so I won't have time to continue my pitched battle with Miss Freebird. For anyone who hasn't seen elsewhere, I'm gonna be moving to England soon so I've to get loads of shit in order before I go.


Props to the flows (yeah even Spongebob, least he tried, had a few good lines too) of all my friends and foes on the thread (especially Freebird cos I hadn't given her credit before).


I'll be gone in person posting, but hopefully I'll live on in spirit...till I return...



MCIII Forever!

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Much love to MC III. On that note...


Ya'll musta forgot



Aw hell no, cause chief's all up in the spot

thinkin he's somebody, maybe ya'll done forgot

I'm that undisputed champion, head of all divisions

cuttin beaners with the flow like surgeons with precision

Its DJ Ario X, Duados & the nick

some tussin on the side, in the mix like bisquick

Patos Malos rock ya block, so fuck all the rumors

when ya hear our rhymes, you know you soon to be consumers

Eminem's style is big, so go ahead & try it on

but the realest beaner faker than Louie ViTaiwans

Spittin "enchilado" two times, cause you straight outta rhymes,

bitin lyrics left & right like plagarism aint crimes

goin on bout Dirty Souf like its somethin you know...

my girl Tussin's playin nice, so relax retardaho

Muslim prayers? Tom Sawyer? damn man ya runnin low

take them cash bought lyrics & receipt back to the sto

cant give credit where its due, now that ass is black & blue,

all depressed cause your parnter birdy's better than you

gave you a chance to take it easy, now im an indian giver

so grab ya notebook son as i stand & deliver

My boys are all busy, so its an army of one

holdin down this alamo, but yo ive already won

you fell off like humpty dumpty fore you ever touched the mic

its like "hey chief came back!" but no he's dead again, sic

So know your role, be a good ho, put on your thong

while i spit shit so sweet your avatar bobs along

but now its cops on your left, ducks on your right

where you finna go now? besta head towards the light... *poof*


Patos_small.jpgI fuck around and get hardcore....C-4 to ya door: no beef, no more

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a lil' somethin for RobEF


I believe it says Battle Raps, strictly for the hardcore

If you can’t take a joke, leave, there’s the door

Trying to get an attitude with my boy chief

Let me break it down, I’ll make this shit brief

Just cause you claim patos don’t mean nothin

Imma keep steppin, you need to stop frontin

From what I can see you ain’t dropped a dime

Even with a clan’s backing, you ain’t spit one line

Running your mouth, being the patos little mascot

You talk a lot of shit, but don’t say a whole lot

You really wanna play this way, you wanna go that route?

Don’t think you hot shit, comin from a makeshift dirty souf

Maybe one day you’ll be brave and speak your voice

Until that day, all I’ll hear is tasteless noise

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Here's to all the opposers of Patos Malos, especially the Chief-loves-dick-in-his-asshole...


You tryin to do your thang and aint no problem with that,

But you never gonna make it...the problem? you wack!!

But tryin to diss us is just a joke u hoard of lard...

Now DD gon' watch u get fucked like houston the porno star...

Don't be yappin when we quackin cause P.M. be str8 scrappin...

Quick to get the clappin like we the U.S. and you bin laden!

Now you think your rappin, but you'll never leave drunken dieties...

I'll call you out fagget, the scum of our society...

Chief slap a hoe more like Sir suck a dick!

So unfamiliar with pussy that you try to stick your nuts in it...

Spit flows from out my mouth because they too hot,

Patos Malos ill and you not, all eyez on me like 2pac...

He thinks he tough yet he went to Columbus! (Ha ha!)

Such a fag that if i stuck this track up his ass he'd be lovin it!

Now I know Nick went to Columbus but he from cutler ridge..

Where the queers be gettin shot and the thugz be stuffin bricks...

The playas be sluttin chicks but Chief dont know none of this...

The only thing he knows is how to swallow cum, fuckin bitch...

Now let him bleed, dont even give him room to breathe...

You stuck now Cause like Sonny said "Now you's can't leave" :D

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You better give me the respect I deserve or I'm-a get it my way,

fuck the block, I'm such a pimp I'll make your mom work the highway.

Bitch calls me a fag and then goes analyze my lyricals.

Go against the God, fuckin' punk? I make miracles.

On your knees & beg for forgiveness, I'm your messiah.

If it wasn't for me, dirty south would still be camp fires.

...I make it happen, you bitches just pathetic,

I won't even sweat it, one more Pato I gotta put the lead in.

Piece of cake like Oprah Winfrey on a diet,

Fuckin' with me is bound to make the people start a riot.

You wanna go to war with me?... That's fine,

but your crew's short, Ario's head's stuck in REF's thighs.

Go find another member, quick rebuild your crew!

You don't want to realize that no one's got your back but you,

cause if I get you by yourself, bitch, its a travesty.

I can hear your moms crying "Stop beating his ass, please!"

Grew up with Nick? No wonder your a fag.

That guys got more fruit than Del Monte inside my lunch bag.

You bash me 'cause I went to Columbus?

Shit, I didn't know South Ridge kids could even spell "Columbus".

Just goes to show how much you idolize us,

Fag can't even spell his own name right, but he'll memorize us.

Face it, you bite my style like we met before.

Memorize my shit like if you listening from next door.

Get your tape recorder, the God's about to drop

another buster to the floor like Rodney King by a cop... OUT.

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::clap, clap:: :shifty:

Let's drop the real now, enuff with the faggot rap...


So this coward wants respect? this cat gets none...

I'll have him doin jumpin jacks dodgin cap guns...

I dont analyze your lyrics, I dismantle them and tear em up,

And leave you in a coughin with blank face starin up...

If it wasn't for this faggot then MIA wouldnt be flaming...

Only miracle here is how this Dick becomes a lady...

Always bitchin up, my blazin rhymes burn this "messiah"

If it wasnt for the ducks callin, I wouldn't waste my time...

With a chump like you, and your punk ass crew...

Tryin to spark riots yet they stuck like glue....

Any others hatin on Mega well then fuck them too...

Now you hear my moms yellin, its so that I dont murder you!!

Talkin madd shit but only on comput-ahs...

Oh I've seemed to forget what school you from...

How you spell Chief? P-U-S-S-Y

Needs to polish up rhymes and stop undressin guys....

So here we go, the deally yo, Chief is jus a lil hoe...

Fronts like a tough guy but really a dick squeezin pro...

If I ever memorized your shit I'd pray for amnesia...

This Duado the Deadly spittin, the real slut please-ah...


If you feel me lemme hear go "quack"!

From the middle, to the front and the back!

All the queers disappear like Zap!!

And attack the Fag Chief where he loves it, in his ass crack... :D


"Look at me, LOOK AT ME!!!............I DID THIS TO YOU!!"

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yo yo yo....i need y'all to feel this ...its gettin heavy


its been a while i laid back tatted a few

wanted to see simply what the enemy would do

left the post like if i was a coward,

the foe boast, quacked me out like if i wuz howard,yo

spittin attackin while i was sittin relaxin

waitin for the final take before i start waxin

simplicity, couldnt say, the battle made me stay

to reload with more ammo and firearm to spray

but i sat back longer, the rap got stronger

thought i was out naw u assumed u conquered

a trilogy, its plain to see its not over

im back now betta bring out ur clover

and u now gots to start loading that truck up

cause assumptions are known as the mother of fu#k ups

im a catch u slit ur throat while u watchin harry potter

slip u in a body bag throw u in the freezin water

but the water froze i dont get it but now i see the picture

that ur styles so cold even fu#ked up natures tempature

i wont call u simple but i laugh at all ur jokes

cause i see ur fans would rather watch reruns of different strokes

than to listen u but theyd rather listen to me

cause they love to see the championship belt glistening

chief of what tribe which reservation did u bribe

which hoe u slap the,oh the one that gave u the clap

u disgust me son im not even putting my all

but wow so quick to see a chief's downfall

maybe ur better drunk nah im being sincere

playin one of ur records would destroy my DJ career

only have a tribe for when nights get cold

and u love little kids to play with ur booty hole

ur style is bogus yet i stay focused

on finishing this sucka who still remains unnoticed

slappin hoes damn there go ur booty call

aw cmon son that dont count...blow up dolls?

reparation from ur stitches now u ride with ur bitches

female dogs with wigs tryin to fool me with the switches

and they all ride with u i see u bought them valour

all stuffed in that little ass "SVT" contour

im through with u ur like yesterday's trash

damn ,fu%kin with u i think i got a herpes rash biatch!

whut ha ha

patos on lock the tribe is burnt

go home to yo mama

battle with her

tell her to let u win

get some practice

before u mess with some pros son

famous guy holdin it down :D

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Hah...cool. Clan in the front and Chiefy's risin to the challenge, this one's gonna see some more action yet (even if MC III are out for a bit).

Battle lines have been drawn, lets just keep the drama in this thread..ive tagged up Chiefy plenty so we'll see where it goes. As a side project, I might instigate shit with Junker or Jumbie to get them on in the mix.

Duados, Arios - thanks for comin on down & rockin the mic, dont be strangers now, bell hasnt rung just yet...and as for Tussins, i got a sneak preview today, she'll soon show that she's not just a mascot...off to the 24 hour project.


- V

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Patience, its on its way. Meantime, new beef! Lets all welcome Junker to the arena, cause its on like Donkey Kong now.


25th hour


Yo..if i had one more hour, if i had that kinda power

id come back, call junker wack, find his rhymes & devour

he's a friend so in the end id hand his ass a tissue

but its really kinda sad when your wolrd is superficial

dedicates half his raps to say "idealism's shite!",

youre too narrow of mind, cant stand to see the light

who's curin AIDS? said id just try to do right

thought ya had somethin to say, stead you started a fight

like you dont like my jams, like ya dont feel my shit

act as ya like son, but call me the hypocrite?

talkin back - now im cleanin up this house like Drain-O

wanna be free? ill take your soul like my name was Kano

got that quick hit in, best to shoot while im not lookin

its like "welcome to the stage!" now here's your ass whuppin

indeed, if i was junkerseed, id hide behind the curtain

and proceed to stay quiet, like Oscars to Tim Burton

challenge the wrong MC, and fall like Enron

shoulda fucked with Chiefy, or better yet, Eee-mom

I'm givin credit where its due - ya did good that time

but heed this warning shot, and get that ass in line...


Patos_small.jpgoh my god, im droppin shit like a piegon, i hope ya listenin, smackin babies at they christenin

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