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I willingly saw Cats a second time tonight. The first time I watched it I took my sister. I told her we were gonna go see this crazy new horror movie. The shock in her face when she finally realized we were seeing Cats was amazing. 


This film is an experience. Yes it's creepy. Yes it's weird as fuck. And I freaking loved it. I don't expect to sell anyone here on this movie. But if you come from the school of enjoying shit like The Room or just bonkers ass movies then please give this a shot. 


And I wont even say its like, so bad it's good. That's not it. I honestly don't think it's bad. It's really ambitious and out there. The music is quite catchy and it's a fun time at the movies. Where everything is played so damn safely these days *cough* Rise of Skywalker *cough*  this movie is a breath of fresh air.


Also Judy Dench does a weird soread eagle thing at one point showing approval for another cat's song. It's fucked up. 

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I have such a morbid curiosity about this movie after seeing the tweets and reviews. I have a couple friends who’ve seen it and had a blast with it but they definitely had a “so bad it’s good” feeling about it. I don’t think I wanna spend theater prices on it but I’ll definitely stream it! 

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