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Xbox Series S

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is $299


I've never been an Xbox fan. I just like PS exclusives more, but with Avowed being an exclusive here, plus that pricetag, this may cinch it for me. Not to say I won't get a PS5, but I'll be in a lot less hurry to get one. That is if their price isn't comparable. 


People keep dogging on the next gen designs too, but I love all the new designs. I think they look unique and different enough. I'd like to have this little guy with my setup. 


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yeah, solid price - sony's still being coy about theirs at the moment. 


i got nothing against the subwoofer design too, i like funky hardware.  my question will just be if their studios make more things i wanna play; ive had at least a shelf and a half of OG xbox & 360 games so far, but last gen i passed (so far, maybe when it's cheap!) because i can scarcely come up with 5 or so games i'd really wanna play.  i hope that changes next gen.

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What kind of spec difference are we seeing between the S and the X?

Don't say E.


Either way, I'm not going near next gen any time soon. I only joined current gen less than two years ago, and I've so many discounted games still to play. 

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There are some bullet points. Mainly though it looks like the X is more powerful and has a disk drive. S is all digital. 99% of my game purchases have been digital since I bought my ps4 though, so thats not a big issue for me. 

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