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Sea Shanties


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To go along with my hipster beard, I'm obliged to declare that I was into sea shanties before it was cool.


I fucking love traditional folk songs which sea shanties are basically a subgenre of. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are legendary over here and are no strangers to a good shanty. 




Also, in case your blood is now pumping around your body at such a rate you're afraid you heart is going to explode, here's possibly the saddest song I've ever heard to bring you back down. It's not a shanty, but it's one of my favourite ever songs.




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This is more of a sidebar that isn't worth it's own thread, but right before Milo was born I got heavy-into old Convict shanties because I wanted to update the ol' bedtime song repertoire while playing to the register that works for my voice. 


In hindsight, Hateful Eight was probably a factor too. 


I could share something more authentic but JJL fucking MURDERED this cover.




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