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So what did people think?


I was really disappointed with the first episode, got quite bored halfway through and to be honest if it wasn't MCU I would have turned it off.



Q. What if Peggy got the serum and not Steve? 

A. Essentially the exact same thing.


I was hoping that when Steve fell he'd become Winter Soldier and we'd see him kill Howard etc and then fight Peggy in the future, but no just essentially a soft reboot of the The First Avenger.




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i dug it - as a cap fan, we didn't get enough time with that period.  it definitely felt more like a what if ep of agent carter, but i enjoyed that show 


i get the critique of them not really taking a chance with it, though - i too was thinking for a bit of that exact twist, but i wrote it off since the whole thing was only 33 minutes or so 


i do think they opened with a softball one to either ease into (or subvert expectations) of the inevitable marvel zombie horror, though)

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I really enjoyed episode 2, and loved episode 3. this is exactly what I was looking for in a What If? series.


Oh also, shouldn't this thread be in animation? I'm know I'm a mod here but I can't figure any of this shit out.

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