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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel


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So I recently bought this game on a whim. Everytime I would see this on sales and stuff I thought it looked boring as hell. Just by the name alone. I was very wrong. I've started to love it, and ended up buying the other 3 games on sale this week so I can have them for later. I've seen this and the Trails in the Sky names thrown about a lot and never really took a second look at them since they just looked so generic.


I dunno how familiar people are with the series here, I certainly wasn't. But basically it's Persona in military school. You form bonds with friends, explore dungeons, daily life stuff etc. Not as fleshed out as Persona, but that went into the battle system where it's a lot more strategic and complex. Overall it's a really fun game and I highly recommend it if anyone wants a new JRPG to get into. Apparently the games are connected though, so starting off at 2 or 3 would mean having to see recaps of the previous games. 

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