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Invision is raising our rent

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really hate that this is happening during the holidays in a pandemic, but here we are


Important notice: our hosting plans are changing and your action is required.

We are writing to all our customers currently on our legacy 25 user and 40 user plans as these plans will be removed in January 2022.

We recently launched new Invision Community plans (previously called Community in the Cloud) which provide significantly more media storage space, no limit on online users and many other benefits.

Our new starter plan is $49/month when paid annually, or $54 a month when paid monthly. The starter plan has no limits on the number of posts, topics, members or online users and comes with 75GB of media storage.


we've been paying $30, so its a steep jump. also, saving $6/month ($72/year) for paying up front sounds nice, but dropping @ $600 up front is...a bit, even with me making more these days.


i know its probably tempting to say we should go elsewhere, but i've had not-so-great luck with that. us staying saves on paying the forum licensing fee, but to be honest, it's the tech support/site recovery peace of mind i tend to stay for


as there's not a lot of us around these days, i'm eternally grateful for some of y'all keeping the patreon going - every little bit helps. that said, y'all have any ideas here? obviously, ill cover much of the new tab, but open to suggestions

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I'm ashamed to say I had to drop the patreon for a little while, but Im happy to jump back on now that I'm back on at work full time. I have suggestions, but they are more of the dreamier, in a perfect world, lets all do creative stuff suggestions that I dunno how helpful they'd be lol 

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