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Well, at least they finally got him a new haircut. Now, if only they could make a decent new GI Joe show. My friend has the movie on dvd (I have the Transformers one) and it's hilarious just to go through and watch all the old public service shorts. Heh heh. And my new favorite character is "Snow Job". Heh "Snow Job". It's a good thing I didn't get that, when I was a kid...

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I'm just glad orko's back. He was my favorite. He looks weird now though. And as far as a good GI Joe series, they're tried a million times and they always suck. It's time we learned our lesson, cut our losses, and quit trying before we bring the series any further disgrace.

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I just saw the first episode of the new He-Man. Looks cool so far. The character art is a bit simplistic, but the animation of the simple drawings in very fluid, especially during action and fighting sequences. Skeletor's voice does NOT suit him, but other than that it looks pretty good, by US animation standards of course. This is NOT going to be the show that levels the playing field for animation quality between the US and Japan.


Anyway, the first episode is a three parter. I saw the first part. It is showing again tonight at 10:00 PM (Cartoon Network). After that it could be months before it's shown again. Hopeful it will be highly circulated on Kazaa, WinMX and iMesh. For showtimes, check out He-Man Showtimes.


Keep any eye on this series. It worth a bit more than just the obviously huge nostalga value. Alsoi check otu my review of the New Transformers series, Transformers Armada.

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Caught the 1st new He-Man here in Texas with Yahven, Dinghy, Junker & Gundam (Alex). Dont know if theyll ever see this, but since Yahven reviewd the new Transformers...


Honestly, i gotta see more. There's a bit more plot & characterization, of course, and the animations certainly better, but theyre playin up Adam's "reluctant hero" thing a bit heavy...im just waitin for him to say "well excuuuuuuuuse me, princess!", but then again, its a goddamn cartoon to sell figures to it aint half bad, and i do wanna see more.

Any other thoughts?

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