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I'm watching this one right now and it's.... Something. Very unsettling and creepy as fuck. It just got me with the strongest jumpscare I've seen in awhile. Its one I can see being super divisive, but if you like something more abstract give it a shot. 


Like I'm having trouble looking at the screen, its freaking me out in a way movies haven't in a long time. 

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..shit.  just finished a little while ago...shit


that was good.  watched it in the dark/alone but was a little high and couldn't always focus on the grainy shadows, there's definitely a while where not much goes down but it really builds the tension and i absolutely get why this feels like a child's nightmare


why were the "mother"'s bones popping, was she the monster?  is that why kevin yelled for her before the brutal end (god i should've seen something like that coming with the looping cartoon but i was not ready)

kaylee in the basement, the figure's face at the end, the stupid phone toy's eyes...ugh


apparently the director kyle edward ball did one called heck before this, which may have somehow been even darker - we gotta check that one out

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