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Well, I fell asleep after like the first few episode...I heard that it picks up after a while...Although I only saw very few of it some of it was  :D  and other parts was  :D  lol... It wasn't as great as hoped it would be...well vash is a cute charater thats about all I can say that is a bit on the positive side...

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Finally finished the series recently...


I guess it's been built up on some hype, certainly, and i woudlnt argue with Yahven in that the ending feels a bit rushed - there's a great linuep the last few episodes that's run through rather quickly, at that - but i enjoyed it.

It has its serious moments, to be sure, but for the most part its a fun, lighthearted action series with a fair amount of comedy (I really took to miss Milly Thompson, she's a trip).

There are parts towards the middle-like where it feels like Kenshin, in that its not going anywhere, just kind of wandering in an episodic manner, but I found even the slow parts enjoyable. I wish there were more cool western-type animes, but this one's a somewhat short one that's defintely worth seeing.

(if even just for kuroneko cameos).



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:D Milly Thomson is certainly a little gem in the series.


A friend lent me the series after raving about it for ages. I'm not a big anime fan so I was pretty sceptical but all in all it was reasonable. Generally I prefered it when it had more of a light hearted note - it got serious and then I mostly lost interest.


Anyway, two cents said.

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