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Well, uh...christ.  I saw most of it, and id havta say if you dont watch all of it, start to finish, an pay attention to it all, youre lost for sure.

Ill let Yahven get more into it, i missed a few bits here & there an ended up one of the lost folks.  Great animation & very smart shit, tho. Im lookin forward to seein it in its entirety too.

Oh, and the music's top-notch.  I recommend the remix album, "Lain: Cyberia Mix".

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Lain is a great series about a little girl that seems to see things in a different light.  i really can't say much but the soundtrack is phenominal, the imagery is striking and the storyline can whizz right by you if your not paying attention.  lain is pimped out by the states as an "adult" anime, with good reason.  it can still be enjoyed by anyone but I kind of agree, its not for those whose minds easily wander.  Kinda of like evangelion, just without all  the action and bright n shiny characters.  Lain is dark, very dark, very noir.  Very entertaining if your in the mood though.  i give it my best rating. :D 5 Scantily Clad Anime Chicks :D

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I finish watching Lain about a week ago. Only 13 episodes long, and it feels like it was a 2 and a half or 3 hour movie that was stretched into 13 episode sof 25 minutes each. Despite my belief that it would have worked better as a long movie instead of short series, it was very good. Maybe it's just my predespotions for strange things. Nick said:

id havta say if you dont watch all of it, start to finish, an pay attention to it all, youre lost for sure

::wrong answer buzzer buzzes:: Wrong. I don't think that anyone, even the writer(s) of this series, can watch this without getting lost. This series doesn't give you tired to rest your mind. I hate any form of artwork that pacifies it's audience. I like my art to challenge me, but fuck this is an endurance trial for your head. I ended up getting exhausted by it and never being about to watch more than 2 episodes in a row.

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alita... i wish i had this to show you. i had it, but it is lent out somewhere out there. honestly, i don't remmeber, but have a vague idea.


think of it like this. a little girl who isn't popular gradually gains knowledge in a surreal sort of way. watching it, you think to yourself, something's not quite right, but it's damn near impossible to get it all in the first viewing. think alternate dimension, parallel universes, high information technology, symbolism, conspiracy, and above all, pholisophy. lain is a philosophy major's heaven.


i was entertained by lain, but sadly it's not one of my favorites.

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