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City of Heroes


If you haven't heard, you've apparently been next to me under that big ass rock that we've been living under.


City of Heroes is a superhero based MMORPG.  Basically, the setting is the megalopolis named Paragon city where you can create and design your superhero/supervillan from the bottom up.  Then you enter the city trying to make a name for yourself by defeating enemies and acquiring fame / infamy.  Players impact the game in limitless ways.  Give the site a look, then cry tears of joy with me.

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Ok, scratch what i said bout "Freedom Force", this is the one i read bout in Wizard a few months back.  

Not only does it look/sound very impressive, but it boasted a few things i thought were badass ideas (Chiefy, correct me if im wrong on any of these):

1) The ability to be a hero or a villian.

2) Mission quests (like in Diablo, EQ etc) but superhero/comic based.

3) The most ambitious thing i read in the article i saw was "the ability to customize costume, powers, origin etc garuntees no 2 heroes or villians on this MMORPG will be the same."  Tho im still expectin a dozen or so Batmen to be on at any given time, this still sounds incredible.


The idea's been a long time comin & sounds badass; from the looks of the stuff on this site as well, it could really be somethin huge - here's to hopin it comes through on its promises...might just get me back into PC RPGs online.

What does everyone else think?

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Ok... First... apparently there will be no villain roles to assume.  You CAN have 2 clans of superheroes battle each other, but there are generally no villains per-say.


Second, mission quests are going to be huge, they have about 20 different enemy clans (huge amounts of bad guys) who's goals are affected by their own wins & losses.  So if you kick their asses today, tomorrow they could be invading your base...


Speaking of bases... you can erect skyscrapers & other buildings to be your bases of operations, but they can get blown up.

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oh... this is a good one... Yahve & Kee would love this.


You know how in EQ, no matter where you are, or what quest your on, there's always a million other people around you either watching or taking part in the fight or stealing dropped goods or camping... whatever you call it.


Well, COH has decided that this is a problem.  They've created an entirely new battle system which also works on Hazard Zones, but they become private... understand... When your team approaches zone A, as you enter it, the server starts up a Virtual Private Universe that only your team is allowed to enter, others can enter only if you link them with your team in some type of way.  So lets say 2 different, seperate teams enter zone A, neither one will run into each other or have to worry about one team stealing another's goods / exp.

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hmm, thats an interesting way of handling it but i do forsee a problem. Mainly with other folks trying to join up later in the adventure can they come join you? or will everyone have to leave and restart the quest? it would suck to play for 4 hours to have half your group leave and then have other willing to replace them but unable to join.


I do think the game will be a fun one, should be interesting how they pull off the story and the game mechanics. Welcome to the online gaming crackhouse, may you and your wallets enjoy your stay, mwahahahahaha!


~TD   :D

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Cryptic studios just added a new update for their player-type roster.  So far, the defined ones are


Mutant - genetically enhanced & growing powers.  You start off with a base selection of genetically mutated powers.  Then, as the game progresses, your mutation gets worse & you grow newer powers to have.  Your peak level of power will be less than most, but you will have more to choose from later in the game.  Example:  today you lift cars & shoot fire from your eyes.  Tomorrow you can do all that, as well as fly... but not that high.


Altered Human (imbued by... something) - The origins of the character spring from a normal human being imbued by your choice of cosmic rays, radioactive bugs, funny green mist from your fridge, whatever.  Your powers are pretty much set in stone, but you can work on them until you're really really strong at them.  Highest peak power value.


Cyberware ($1000000 man) - Cybernetic implants grant you the powers and batteries give you faster recharge rates than Super Humans.  Very similar in the fact that your original selection will be set in stone, but you can work on them.  Power levels will peak less than Super Humans, but with more frequency& less recharge time.  Also uses tech-items.


Magical - Most wide variety of powers to choose from, including mimicking powers for all other classes.  But, you can only pick a limited amount of them, therefore you'll never use them all.


Superior Human - Your basic Punisher-esque character.  Not based on granted abilities, but abilities you've worked on.  Also uses items that are original or mimick powers of other superhero classes (such as energy beam gun).  Very flexible, can learn any item to their advantage.


Gadgeteer - not yet disclosed, but obviously an item-based character.  Also may be an inventor of items for others.


Mystical Artifact - Granted powers by Excalibur, Mjolnir, Cytorak crystals... whateve have you.  Power relies on the item, but final not disclosed yet.

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1)TD's got a point, hope it dont lock folks out.  JunkerSeed mentioned it might be solved with Diablo-type password protected fights, so one could just jump back in or invite others durin a break...? Whaddya think TD, youre the man with online gaming.


2)Keep those class details pumping, that last list Chiefy put out just gave me a stiffy. This shit is soundin badass: i might just have to buy it retail & jump in with everyone else.  Any word on monthly fees?

Dont wanna end up like TD, headin out west & shackin up with some crazy dragon-lady *smacks forehead as it occurs to him he's halfway there*


Real quick thing: how many of you are thinkin of creatin your own original guy, and on the side, bein the 5,248th Iron Whore/Wolverine/Batman etc? Be honest...:D

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This is why i hate PC games.  Am i gonna havta upgrade?  Searched the FAQ for a system requirements to no avail...

also, showed it to Artistic & Satcha, i think he's pretty sold on it too.

Between Cowboy, Wolverine and others i see myself actually makin a number of different accounts, if thats possible too.  Did anyone else notice they hint at an expansion that allows play as supervillians?  

The website's great, havent joined their forum but Chiefy has, says members get a shot at the beta this spring (!), so let us know what happens there.

I know Chief mentioned this earlier, but shit - you can actually build & maintain a superhero base/fortress! Thats badass.  Im dyin to hear the details on that - real estate charges, what can be done with the base as far as logos/defense/etc...

If this game is half of what its promisin, im gonna be less social this summer :D

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Cool, looks like another deity wants to join in; this could be our biggest online RPG since diablo 1 (or maybe 2, never got in on it yet anyway).  If we can all get copies/run them/have workin reg codes, this'd be a helluva team - a real comic book hero team and/or a team of our variously-made characters (this does not necessarily mean we are "Drunken Deities" tho, does it? :plain: )

And hey there bad advice man, whatre you gonna do?

"Hey there son, i notice youre level one, so here's some advice: see that fire spreadin across the building? notice how its bright like that? That's 'cause it heals you".

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OK, here's the dissertation on what I know about COH...


"Am I gonna hafta upgrade?"  Well, most of the heavy number crunching is going to be done by the server, so as for processor I don't know what min requirements are going to be.  Internet connection is the key, although they say normal people on 56K modems will be able to play Ok with downgraded graphics & such.  Speaking of graphics... it's highly reccommended that you have a GeForce 2 and up w/ 32MB... but it's not required.


"Base/fortress info"  Here's the deal.  You can sign up to 100 people in any official named team.  But, at any point in the game, if you're going in empty handed, you can add people to a temporary battle roster before going in to fight.  These main team members (the first 100), after fighting & gaining fame/money/respect, can pool their funds to buy a building.  Can start out as a mansion & move up to skyscrapers with rooftop access.  But, start losing missions & you won't be able to pay rent... out you go.  Unfortunately, team logos will be pre-defined, due to the fact that if every team had a different logo, that would make load up times really shitty.  There are several hundred tho.


"Fighting"  On a normal basis, the city streets will be safe to roam.  On occaision, the server will block off an area of the city (or areas outside the city) and make it a "hazard zone".  Teams who choose to enter the hazard zone will fight in their own personal zone, but, as said before, if you add other teams to your temporary roster, all of you can jump in to the same map.  Those who die, or those left out of the game cannot re-join, you're screwed.  


There's only one other place where fighting can occur.  THE ARENA.  They've created a mega-dome arena where you can challenge other teams/teammembers to a duel.  Death doesn't impact you, only winning boosts your skill.  You can either go fight, or you can sit in the arena and watch.  This is why there is no villain team... at any time, you can go to the arena & kick the crap out of whoever you want.  Unfortunately, there is no real "villian mode" where you can kill civilians or sell dope to little kids or whatever... too many ethical issues.


oh, low level characters will also be required to train before going solo.

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Actually... the game is not based on EXP at all!  Read into it a little bit.


When you fight, you gain points that can be added either to your natural skills or your super powers.  If you win, you get the points, as well as fame & cash.  (Note: fighting in the Arena gives you a different kind of fame, citizens will respect you, but will love other heroes that concentrate on protecting them)  If you lose the battle or exit, then you get nothing.  If you die, apparently there will be some type of drop in power, accompanied by a big loss in fame & no money gained.  Apparently, as long as you're with the team, you can go in but difficulty will be much harder on a team with several experienced members and 1 loser.


Buncha new info coming through.  They're going to have solo missions as well, just you with no backup.  Also, if you don't have enough members to pay rent, then you don't have a house.  And, the designers haven't made clear if your homebase can be underattack or not... one only hopes!


They're trying to make it so that no team in particular will permantly remain on top.  A good team will have the tallest skyscraper for a long time, but eventually, someone's gotta die.

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Dont you start whinin now.  All the shit youre findin out from their forum (damn, their FAQ is massive) & reportin back here is bein read by a large part of this board.

Your details + the webpage itself has all but sold you, me, TD, Bacchus, possibly Yahven & Artistic.  So keep on writing, man. :approve:

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Yes, yes... Yahven, TD, Bacchus... all important people... but, what about BirdMan?  Hm?  What about Kirby, and Spectre(er)? Do these people not count?  What about Randy Savage & Hulkamania?  Mega Man X, William Wallace, Brak & Maximus?  Have I met their needs?  What about Razon Ramon & Mean Gene?  Did God, Zeus, Plato, Socrates, Karl Marx & Caesar see my work?  I fear not...  And what about Timmay, madman & raging cock?  Did they even notice this thread existed?  'Tis a sad, sad day.

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