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Best feature length completely CGI movie

What is the best feature length completely CGI movie made yet?  

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Shut your filthy mouth! If the undeniable mountain of evidence that is his work in the Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine, and even as Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask is not evidence enough to convince you, then you sir, are a racist!

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Picture from CGI full length Horton Hears a Who! due out in 2008.


Jim Carrey:



Steve Carell:



Can't be any worse than Grinch or Cat in the Hat.

In looking at stuff about Superbad on imdb, I saw that both Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill (from both Knocked Up and Superbad) are supplying voices for this, along with Comedy legend Carol Burnett as the Kangaroo and Comedy schmuck Dane Cook in a yet-to-be-disclosed voice role. Release date March 14 2008. This thing looks incredible and it seems to deserve a holiday or summer release. Hope it gets changed.

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This is a little outdated, because there were many really good movies left out. Not only Pixar makes good movies!!

Shreck 1, Toy story 1 & 2 are superb!! But my definitive favourite one is Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. There's just no other better than this one. The action is incredible!! All the fights make the Incredibles look incredible slow... Even so, I loved The Incredibles. Great sense of humor..

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