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I swear, who in the hell willingly directs crap like this? This is ass horrible as it gets. I mean just playing the game for 2 seconds makes you glad that it is a shooting game and NOT a movie. It makes resident evil for PS1 look like an Epic Drama.


Why must thay always release these movies and erase all the steps forward the GOOD movies make?



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Haha...yeah i forgot just how bad it is playing the game, TD nailed the dick on the head: as bad as Resdient Evi's original voicing was, you'd play House of the Dead and, while it had that B-movie charm, think "fuck me im glad this aint a movie/book/etc".

Did you read through the plot synopsis? I think the whole movie's outlined there in a few paragraphs. Its got zombies, some rave party, and characters so forgettable id be on the next paragraph and think "did they mention this guy before? ah who cares."

PS did anyone like my "Tetris: The Movie!" poster in blargh? I thought that was brilliant.



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I swear, who in the hell willingly directs crap like this?

People gotta work don't they? Do you think there are more scripts OKed by studios with budget ready to go than directors? Besides, if it we're for bad movies, we wouldn't appriciate how good good movie are.


"The sweet ain't as sweet without the sour" Jason Lee, Vanilla Sky, A Good Movie which movies like Kangaroo Jack make me appriciate all the more.

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