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thanks man, took a bit but its coming along, ive moved a handful of topics in - anyone spots other good candidates, be sure to let me/Jax/MH know here.


skin looks sharp, but that logo needs customization badly, if anyone can help out there. Im working on the other parts of the look, i should be done soon.

Everyone's cool with the name/look so far/description etc?


OMG! Nick did something administrative!


Ok...who died?


i know! the circle'd be so complete if i just managed to ban someone today. Sayyyy.... :villian:

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True, i just cant take the loss. I did ban nearly 100 actual spammers, but i had to keep the token one.


Seriously though; if someone can work something weird and sciencey into this image:




that'd make my night, as well as that forum. i know its not much room to work with, do what you can.


meantime, this is what i can do with paint...yeah.



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Right! all done for the night, as far as modifications go; i batted 100% tonight, thanks to a handy mod-installer from a guy who's way better at this than myself, natch.


new features include a global message thing for big announcements (prolly see it on around the time we get ready to order teh t-shirts), yet another contact form (bringing my contact info to a spam-inviting total of at least 3x on this site; in the words of reverend x, "i make my ass very available"), a restoration of the "members online today" and jax-hating "show signature once" features, the statistics page returns, a feature to celebrate member registration anniversaries, and finally, i went and tried out a new "recent posts" feature: yeah, i got the classic top 5 one working, but my opinion, nobody's really looking at the other stats there - top 5 overall posters never changes, top 5 newest members is eh, its the recent topics i think we all used it for, and this one does that a bit sharper - plus, its just as collapseable if you dont want it there, as are the other new boxes.

"Now playing..." feature is looking to sit this round out, for what its worth. Otherwise, a solid update...i think ill try to add a few things to the wiki, and call it a night. Be sure to leave feedback on these new options, as well as the new science imperium....thing.

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I thought science was gonna be a subforum?


(I can't wait until the inevitable "No intelligent design in the science forum" arguments... not)


Um the 5 most recent posts is nice, but there's a problem. It automatically refreshes the page. The reload cycle is faster than my dial-up connection can load the page. This means that as soon as I have the page loaded, it freezes and starts loading all over again.


I'm gonna go try collapsing it and see if that helps...

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