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2 words: Crying. Jordan.


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yeah, that's been an issue forever...i don't get it, ive tried other black/greenish skins and i seem to not escape it. for now i just put text in red, but its a known issue & something i'd want gone in the next upgrade.


as for your politics request, that's also a feature that forum's skin would have to have, i can't really write one into it...something else for said upgrade i guess.

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...okay, trying out a few suggestions. I like Library & Art Gallery, but would that confuse it with our actual Art Gallery? he says while replying in the Suggestion Box thread of the Suggestion Box forum


Science & Tech: Quantum Realm seems verbose too.

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so, we tried new members, and i love these flyers but i don't know where else to put them, till the next con.


i don't normally like targeting old members, but i know it's been quieter around here (and not even just with the holidays) - if you guys wanna see someone back around more, who should we reach out to? I'm feelin Metalheart-y these days.


WW game wouldn't hurt neither

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so, i'd been wanting to delete Pimp Hand forever...but it's basically been a catch-all for jokes, memes & such forever.  i think what bothers me is that it's one of the last of the forums whose name doesn't really convey what it does - would anyone mind terrible if we named it The Improv or something like that?  


i've really tried to simplify the names & descriptions in recent years, so the board's less daunting/confusing for new folks. 

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On 7/29/2015 at 11:11 PM, Axels said:

I nominate ASC and/or Vagrant to helm Science cause Jax Who?



Also, might be a controversial suggestion (don't worry I'm dropping the Phil/Culture stuff), but how would people feel about Pimp Hand getting a different name to better reflect the comedy nature of it? Something like Hondo's Open Mic or The Chuckle Club... Ugh those are terrible but you get the point.



P.S. I love The Animation Station and The Locker Room names.

Oh I already suggested this two years ago....

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I've been saying for years we just turn the Pimp Hand into a general purpose comedy forum.


Here's my suggestions:


Erskine Childers' Random Acts of Violence

The Chuckle Fucklers

1001 Jokes for Savage Racists

A Comedy Forum

Baby Tonto's Cabin of Mystery




I realise now, that these may be a bit too woke for Hondo's, so my pussified suggestion is:


Blargh The Random Thread


**Edit the second 


It's been brought to my attention that The Chuckle Fucklers is a famous brand of ear wax in Eastern Europe, so even if you want to use that ye can't. Also, I may have mistyped above, it maybe, should've been:


Blargh The Random Forum 

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yeah, the entire exercise was about naming a forum something simple/not too terrible to give a quick idea of what that forum's about


i really thought the improv was the easiest one, but ya'll disagreed...chuckle factory and variants like ti sounded like an ivy league comedy group, or maybe this



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