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2 words: Crying. Jordan.


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as everyone should be.


i obviously missed the dry spell, thanks for the heads-up, and as always, lemme know bout downtime. I guess it cleared, but dont be too harsh on the googlebot invasions - were growing quickly, and their archiving is how we get guys like MM to find us.


ps there's updates to our board, but nothing big yet - i imagine the next major upheaval (which will make me cry) might feature such an option to post video code, like myspace, but ill keep an eye on updates and let you guys know.

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ok, just upgraded the board software - its very minor so you wont notice, mostly security patches. i gotta go kill the member #'s and try to get us back some spoiler tags again tonight, though.


Anyway, gonna try out a few new skins tonight if i can, and i got some modifications im looking at as well - I got all sorts of new dark shit for you, my man...


Refferal system - there's an option to have new members tagged as "reffered by" and give that person points, im not sure for what. Itd basically be so we can see how much people like MetalHearts and Panch bring in.


Chat - There's another free chat program for IPB, and god knows there's free sites we could use, if enough of you think its something you'd use.


Prison - What's the one thing Hondo's has been missing? What? an arcade?! no, fuck that, its america's correctional facilities, our country's single greatest success story!

You prolly went to public school & are confused, so here's what it does:


Unrulely members on your forums?

Do they need a timeout?

The Perfect Prison is just what you need.


Can be used with any points system

Uses a 3 Strike template for 3 separate prison sentences

Uses a two tier "No Arrest" system, where Admin is protected from arrest by all members, and picked staff/members are protect from arrest by all members except Admin.


* Member Features:Members can issue arrest warrants on other members

* Easy to use member lookup for finding member names

* Members can bail their friends out of prison

* Prisoners can attempt to escape from prison


* Admin Features:Easy to use Admin Control Panel

* Set sentence length for 3 separate prison sentences

* Set arrest warrant price

* Activate/deactivate individual prisoner bail

* Set prison group Member Titles

* Set the odds for prison escapes

* Send members to prison immediately (without warrants)

* Release prisoners immediately (withour paying bail)


we really dont have anyone that unruly. i just thought itd be funny to see jax, arch etc abuse the sytem against each other. Im not real serious bout this one, but it sounded fun.


Members Online today - a statistic at the bottom to show who's been by today, might be cool.


Top 5 - This one im seriously considering; "Top 5 Board Stats Top 5: Posters, New Members and Latest Topics On The Forum Index!" that's as close to a "Member of the Day" as i can find.


MP3 stream - says "This modification allows your members to optionally stream MP3 files that have been uploaded within a post via the default attachment feature instead of downloading the entire file before playback starts." weve got enough room for an mp3 or two, again, just dont know how often the feature'd be used.


also, found this at the Knoll - could finally use a member map to show where everyone's from.


Lemme know what you guys think, which ones'd be worth it - some arent too much work, but its not worth fucking with the board's coding if there's no interest.

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so, im tryin out the Top 5 thing i mentioned...its not quite Member of the Day, it seems, but its a start i guess. im tryin to find out if i can somehow get it towards the bottom of the board's main page by the other stats...anyway, lemme konw what you guys think. i know its just rubbing in jax's # 1 spot.

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First off, I wanna say woah! I like it ALOT. Thanks for the top 5; especially for the last 5 posts commented on.


Secondly, I wanna ask about our profiles. When viewing, there is now a space to put your myspace link in, but when I go to edit profile, I can't find the field where I'm supposed to put the linkkkkkkk. Am I overlooking it?

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theyre all good ideas (cause i thought of them first, natch). Thing is, i know fuckall about coding. the thing comes coded to be up top with those specific stats.

If i could, itd be at the bottom with the others, and yeah, id switch out "top 5 ever" and "newest" for things like who posted the most today, what topic's hot, etc...its just not an option till the guy who wrote the code gets back to me and says if it is. What im askin is, would you take it as is, or not at all? Its ya'lls call, god knows i wish it was how you guys want it.


I can add other stuff at the bottom easy too, like "who signed in today" and it wont lag the board much, i just dont know how many folks wanna know stats like that, being as the only one i dig, again, is member/topic of the day.

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that is pretty good, mebbe for our welcome page....i just wish it cited blargh or something, babo tourgasm's good but harder for newbies to catch.

but its good.

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