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How to get a screenshot from your favorite movie

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How can I take a screenshot from a VCD,DVD,Divx... video?


Screenshot from VCD,DivX


In Windows Media Player go to View->Options, then turn off the Hardware accelaration(under Playback) by moving the slider to None. Now play the video and press the PrtScn button (above the Insert button on your keyboard) to take the screenshot, last launch your favorite photo editor and paste(ctrl-v) to get the screenshot.


-or -


Download Hypersnap DX. Before capturing select in Hypersnap under Capture->Enable Special Capture DirectX Overlay. Then you just start windows media player and play the video or use any dvd/divx/vcd software player and forward to the screen you want and hit pause. Now start Hypersnap DX and select Capture->Window,Button,Control and click on the video window and you will get the image.


Screenshot from DVD


Use WinDVD and play the DVD and just press P on your keyboard and a screenshot will be saved under the folder Capture where you installed WinDVD(usually c:\program files\windvd).

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