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Dammit, you never really got back to me on letting me play with this. Let me explain myself a bit:


I really enjoy the "unsung hero" jobs of the comic book world: namely inking and lettering. I never get an opportunity to do this with the work of other people, and I'd really like to.


And you're a guy I know who drew entire godamn comic books.


Now, it shouldn't be taken wrong. I'm not trying to improve it, it's perfectly fine, you'd just be doing me a favor. And it might just be a collaboration with results that you enjoy, and could leave you more time to write and work on roughs without bothering with cleanup if you ever wanted to make more. At the very least it might be cool seeing how it ends up.


So here's what I say: pick a page and send me a link, preferably one with words. If you've got a page you consider particularly sloppy or rushed, that would be fun too.

I'll print it out in photo-invisible blue, "trace" it and add my lettering (and fix spelling errors), scan it and send it back. There's no obligation on your end. I know it's just something you did for shiggles for your friends, I'm not insulting your work or trying to get it published, this just sounds incredibly fun for me.



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This doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Honestly, I've been looking for the artist to my writer. Although, that's not what you're implying here. I'll bite though. I'll send ya a rough page to play with. See if we can't come up with our own thing :)

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