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Dear Benny...if you had 75k to spend...how would you spend it & why?


Lemme see.. About 11k to pay off our Wedding, 7k to pay for any other Wedding expenses. (18k) 7k to pay for an extra nice honeymoon (25k) 3k to move into the Milton. (28k)


The rest? If I don't have to blow it all, then I'd set some aside and put into savings, about 5k and the rest invest in the stock market.


If I have to spend it, then I'd get a Honda Civic Hybrid. With the remaining 25k, I would pamper you, buy you some things from Coach, and anything else your heart desired.

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New answer: An album called Electric Calm which I got off itunes. I also like Sasha's Global Underground CDs John Digweed's too.


Eh, I stopped listening to Electric Calm today to sleep to. It was bothering me for some reason. I put back on the "easy-going" reggae and that works good. I guess because it has vocals and makes me feel not so alone when I have to sleep while Aarty's at work.


So final answer: Depends on situation and mood.

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Will... will you really help me with my quests and lvl and stuff?! y'know, once we all unfreeze our accounts and stuffs heh


Yes, once I have internet access and my account unfrozen, of course I will. I might respec Protection too so I can tank for ya as well as heal (though I can't do both at the same time. At least not very well, but that's kinda the point.)

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Benny, who is your dream Celtics team?


Awesome question!


First and foremost... Ma Boy! Rajon Rondo!




His points might not be as high as say Lebron, D. Wade, etc. but he's had so many triple doubles this year alone, it's insane. If he can't get to the basket, he's the best for setting up the play that gets it there. Had the Celtics won this year, I think he would be the one to get the MVP.


The other Guard? Dwayne Wade. Need I say more?




26.6 PPG this season, 33.2 in the Playoffs.


Center? Dwight Howard.



Superman would be an awesome addition to the team. He made me uncomfortable when the Celtics were playing the Magic.


First Forward? Carmello Anthony




30 ppg? Awesome.



Other Forward? Tim Duncan. Another great forward. (Yeah, I purposely avoided Lebron. I just don't like him.)



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These days I'm less of the Chick-fil-a variety, and more KFC:



<div style="text-align:left;font-size:x-small;margin-top:0;width:640px;"><a href="

title="from John Goodman, NickCorirossi, Mike Rose, Brian Lane, Andy Maxwell, Funny Or Die, Ally Hord, Tony Rodriguez, TONYCAVALERO, Martin C Vallejo, and BoTown Sound">KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman</a> from <a href="http://www.funnyordie.com/john_goodman">John Goodman</a>



There's plenty of grim stories in the Old Testament, no denying that. The two main points I get out of it are: No matter how bad you think you've messed up, God always loves and forgives. And though it is difficult to see, God is perfection. That's the extreme short answer. Haven't set foot in a Church in a long while though. But you've got the gears in my head spinning, which is a good thing.

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(Short answers are better at keeping my attention. Visual aids also help) Thanks Ben! I was always under the impression the New Testament was God's PR respinning his almost Saw-like misadventures and challenges from V1 into that message of love and perfection. Admittedly when I read the book I was specifically assessing it on the basis of being a farce and finding examples of such. I know I was doing it wrong.

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