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After playing Katamari Damacy and we love Katamari one can't help but love the music from the game (If you hate the music from the game you have no soul). I can't find a soundtrack cd for this game but I did find the music for it.



Katamari Damacy soundtrack http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/242


we love Katamari soundtrack http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/241

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Been getting a lot of stuff off of DC++ lately also been interested in fan released CDs, we had a couple in the US with Project Majestic Mix and another group called OneUp studios.


OneUp released a CD called Time and Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda that was friggen AMAZING. It's currently out of print but can be found in mp3 format if you look.


Also found a Japanese release called Baroque that is a bunch of Ys remixes that are just as good if not better than some of the shit Falcom puts out.


Then there is the Chrono Symphonic project here


It's pretty sweet, though a bit uneven. Some of the tracks are great though.

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jesus. i have em all about, but only keep the piano and mebbe celtic oens on my drive.


speakin of - Bish, lemme know bout those suikoden ones, as well as majestic mix, the mitsuda one, and the rest you mentioend. If you can toss em on disc with, say, Phantasy Star sound collection 1 that'd be amazing.

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Found this while fighting a bout of insomnia:


Friggen awesome. It's a suite of both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross from the Play! concert series that is touring elsewhere, but never in Miami. Full orchestra doing some of the best Chrono tunes.


Check it out


I was specifically impressed with Scars of Time and the main Chrono Theme.


Here's a Zelda Melody

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Yes, good call. The minibosses are badass! i suggest anyone with an 8-bit heart take a listen...im not sure their entire library of music is available for download, but if anyone wants it, ill upload it. Heh, i ought to take a shot of my library of video game and japanese music folder...i burnt it off not too long ago. :birf2:

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Well, I got my cheap CDs from 1up studios the other day and have now had the chance to sit down and listen to them. Well, one of em anyway. The CD is called "The Very Best of Sega", the CD has 14 tracks whick I'll comment on as i list 'em.


The Very Best of Sega




Streets of Rage 2 - Go Straight

Arranged by Mustin - A CD really needs a strong opening track to set the mood. This is the PERFECT opening track for this one. This is an arrangement of the first stage of Streets of Rage 2, and it is fucking amazing. If you ever wondered what Yuzo's SoR tunes would sound like on a CD version of the games, this is it. It keeps the feel of the original, keeping the back beats and everything, it just amps up the instumentation so it sounds like something you might hear in a club.


After Burner - Final Take Off

Arranged by Tim Sheehy featuring Ailsean - Nice track no where near as good as the first but still pretty seet. Nice guitar work.



Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef

Arranged by Mustin - Another great arrangement, this one is slow, and moody but pretty damn good.



Arranged by Dale North featuring Miss Esther Stilwell - This is the CDs first vocal track and it is probably the strongest one on the CD. The vocalist has some actual talent, unlike some of the other vocals on this disc.


Super Hang-On - Outride A Crisis

Arranged by Dale North - Another great slow mix from one of my first Genesis games, Super Hang On. Nice.


Panzer Dragoon - Main Theme

Arranged by Dale North - One of SoJs best themes is given a great new age mix. My only complaint is that it doesn't sound as majestic as the original. Still, it builds on itself well, and is damn good.


Streets of Rage 2 - Slow Moon

Arranged by Tim Sheehy and Dale North - After the amazing rendition of Go Straight, I had huge hopes for this one. It is very good, just not of the quality of the first track. Sounds a little too synthy. Still this is probably the best arrangement of this song you will ever find.


Sonic CD - Sonic Boom

Arranged by Mustin and William Reyes - This song is painful. It has a great arrangement, but the vocals are so goddamned horrible that I think I would rather listen to cats have rough sex. Seriously why are these guys singing?


Phantasy Star III - Main Theme ~ A New Journey

Arranged by Ailsean - Alright, but it sounds better on Sega's PS Sound collection, this just sounds way too synthy for me. Not one of the better tracks.


Phantasy Star IV - The end of the millennium

Arranged by Dale North - Better than the last track, though not by much. Not the greatest arrangement ever, but still pretty decent.


ToeJam & Earl - ToeJam Jammin'

Arranged by Mustin & The Extra Men - This is another standout track, not to mention probably the only way you will ever hear an arrangement of the Toe Jam and Earl theme. This starts out very synthy and just keeps building up until it is truly Funkatrontastic. I also love the creative use of the in game samples during the song.


Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing

Arranged by Mustin featuring Broderick Daniels - Another vocal, better than Sonic Boom, that's about it.


Skies of Arcadia - Movement I - Emotional

Skies of Arcadia - Movement II - Vyse's Theme

Arranged by Dale North featuring Ailsean

Skies of Arcadia - Movement III - Main Theme

Arranged by Dale North


These three tracks are all good, and probably mean more to you if you have actually PLAYED skies of Arcadia.


Overall I am happy as hell I ordered this CD, for $5 you can't go wrong. The sad thing is that OneUp Studios has gone under, so this may not be available for long. This is a nobrainer purchase for any true Sega nut.

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friend of mine over at Kotaku's pretty good at finding these things; i just had to share (here's look' at you, joel):



Final Fantasy VI: Electric Kefka



Suikoden II: Reminiscence on strings (god, i love this one)


we gotta find more of these.

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Ok I don't know about the likes of YOU >_>.... But I have albums upon albums of music from the games I play; From the entire megaman collection to Zelda to Warcraft III to TMNT the original arcade.


If you need anything let me know and I'm looking for a lot as well. Since Verizon has released its strangle hold on ringtone allowances I'm totally stuffing my phone with mp3s WOOTWOOT! And rite now I'm looking through my gaming library and I don't know where to start -_-;


Whats that tune you cant get outta ur head hmmm? :D


PS: for me its Laws theme from Tekken 3


and the topic desc. should say "...cuz iz soooo goood"

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Nine times outta ten, it's "A Despair-Filled Farewell ~ Battle with the Colossus" that I can't get out of my head. Then again, the SOTC soundtrack is almost universally gold.



Also, I have a lot of love for the music from the Zone of the Enders games, more specifically Zakat and the Neith/Nephtis battle themes.





Neith - Risky







Also, to help whomever's gonna merge this in anyway: http://www.hondosbar.com/forum/index.php?s...t=0&start=0

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