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So many songs that I will never ever forget. With a few exceptions game music isn't what it used to be, much of the reason being that music now blends into a whole soundscape much of the time, up through the PS1 era we didn't have the processing power to do the sick sound direction that we have now. So music had to fill in the gaps to create the mood. The early 1990s to the early 200s is probably the era of the best game music ever. I'll probably do some more of these, but to start I'll probably go with my favorite composer at the time Yasunori Mitsuda, the man was a beast, the composed Chrono Trigger right out of high school, and has created 3 of the best OSTs of the 1990s.


We got stuff like:


Chrono Cross:

Anyone who knows me knows I think that this guy is a GM god. Cross is likely his best OST, and that is really saying something.

Everyone know's Time's Scar, because it is amazing, not everyone remembers the rest of the OST, say what you will about the rest of the game, the music was amazing. I mean seriously, if at the end of the game you didn't get a little verklempt when you heard Radical Dreamers - The Recovered Jewel you have no soul.


Time of the Dreamwatch: (2nd Intro)


Star Stealing Girl: (Kid's theme)


Radical Dreamers: (Probably the best vocal song in a game, ever)



Ok, lotsa Mistuda love, but these really blew most other games out of the water soundtrack wise. Xenogears is a great progression from what he was doing in Chrono Trigger, and many of the techniques that Mitsuda used would come up again later. I picked the main theme, The Chain of Sea and Fire, the boss music Awakening, and Premoniton ,the tower of Babel theme. Xenogears' only fault in the soundtrack department is that the sound programming was not as good as it could have been, listen to the difference in sample between this and Chrono Chross, they quality of the samples is leagues apart.


Chain of Sea and Fire:






Some awesome remixes:


Dreaming Still (Acid Jazzy Radical Dreamers)



Another Inspiration: (Dream of Another Shore)



Melkaba: (Mitsuda Remix of Premonition)


Coming soon:

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I'm still in love with the music from FFX. It's the only import OST I've ever gotten.


The piano version's great, too. i was surprised how much i liked X2's OST in piano.


DoJ - MGS4 has some good tracks, nothing that beat 3's theme for me though. any recommendations off KZ2 or Oblivion?

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In honor of the release of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Tales of Monkey Island I give you one of the greatest themes of all time, it's catchy, all too catchy.



and one of my personal favorites from the game:


and not enough Phantasy Star in this thread, we'll go with Phantasy Star 2, such a unique sounding OST, which is pretty rare for a JRPG, the sound programming was amazing giving it a futuristic alien tone. Really nothing like it on Genesis:


Rise and Fall:




Silent Zone:


and remixes:


Dungeon Melody from Phantasy Star 1:


Rise and Triumph (PS2):

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Nice adds, man. ill go through them soon.

meanwhile, i adore Akira Yamaoka's entries in the Silent Hill series...the best for my money are 2's theme "Theme of Laura" and 3's "You're not here", post them both soon. even 5's instrumentals are haunting.

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Some lesser known badass game tunes:


This game is 22 years old. Jesus fucking christ!



Ultima VIII, a controversial game, but a badass soundtrack moody as hell, and great for PC MIDI





Ultima Online had amazing music as well



Since I always have to shout out to Konami:


Snatcher's Theme, barely heard in the Sega CD version:


it's pretty cool, but then we get the Official Konami remix on the Black Disck OST, HOLY GOD!!! Please Remake Snatcher Kojima, and include this as the theme!



and because it rocks! Phoenix Wright - Objection! 2001



and the Orchestral Remix of the Objection! Themes from each of the first three games:


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Halo has some awesome music overall, Marty O'Donnell is one of the best composers in the biz. Halo:ODST's soundtrack was a lot different, but amazing.



amazing piece.


Some of his lesser known stuff:


Myth: The Fallen Lords, one of the best Tactical RTS games of all time.




and my favorite from Halo 2, best soundtrack in the series IMO:



and after the last notes of that were heard at the end of HALO 2, players around the world screamed WHAT THE FUCK?

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